SilverKnit allows for interactive knitting from screen. Silverknit software has interactive pattern knitting from screen, but not pattern design or model/shape support. Manufacturer.

DesignaKnit9 has support for pattern creation and model/shape, but can use SilverKnit box as cable interface, because SilverKnit will emulate SilverLink 4. So replacement by SilverLink 5 not mandatory. "We do not have the power adapter or a compatible replacement for the SK560 power adapter. The SilverKnit package is a total replacement for the power adapter and the built-in electronics of the SK560. Also providing many more knitting features through the SilverKnit Program. It requires the use of a Windows Laptop or PC. Link to SilverKnit

Please note that SIlverKnit does NOT provide pattern creation and design, but accepts input from most other existing design programs.

*SilverKnit RKC1000E Knitting Computer Emulator Software PC DOWNLOAD Replaces Brother KA3000 KnitKing Calcuknit for Hand and Machine Knitters Charting Devices. Optional Coil Cord for Silver Knit Operation. RKC1000E emulator is on the SilverKnit CD, but can always be downloaded from here:
RKC1000E emulator will be in limited Demo Mode after download or after installation from CD. But it will be unlocked automatically on the PC where a SilverKnit was installed and attached. Unlocking RKC1000E for users that do not have the SilverKnit is by ordering it and after payment ask for the unlocking key.

"with Silverknit you do not need anything else, it is really the same as DAK8Pro but no shaping, DAK8Pro is the better of the two in our opinion, but same guy made them all..." SilverKnit

"The software in the SilverKnit box is a superset of the software in the Silverlink 4 box.
This means that you can use a SilverKnit box with DesignaKnit, but not the other way around.
A Silverlink 4 box can be upgraded to a SilverKnit box by replacing the software." Silverknit

SilverLink 4 to SilverKnit upgrade available here

Works with SK500* SK550 SK560 SK580 SK830 SK840 SK860 SK890 Electronic Knitting Machines by SilverReed Singer Studio Knitmaster. Compatible with DAK, Windows 7, XP 32 & 64 Bit

Silver Reed has two major lines of electronic knitting machines: SK500's and SK800's. The SK500 line has built in electronics, where the SK800 line is a modular system. The electronic carriage of the SK800 line is controlled by the EC1 pattern controller unit NLA, and in combination with optional PE1 design controller unit NLA. The SK500 line can be equipped with an optional PE1 design controller unit. The EC1 and PE1 are no longer manufactured.

SilverKnit and software provides the knitting functionality of the EC1/PE1 for electronic Silver Reed machines. With the SilverKnit you can knit existing patterns without the need of any additional software. You can create your own patterns with a graphics package of your choice, such as Corel Draw.

SilverKnit is a replacement for the EC1 + PE 1 combination, You don't have the restrictions of the EC1/PE1 like 60 stitches and mylar sheets. You get all the benefits of utilizing a PC like large screen, unlimited storage, lots of patterns, etc.

Note: Does not work with manual machines, or DesignAknit. *SK500Ex is needed to work with SK500The SK500Ex ( makes an SK500 machine compatible with SilverLink 4 and SilverKnit. The SK500Ex is the only extra part needed. No extra software required.

SilverKnit Software Features:
- Support for TXT files (you can type a design in Notepad)
- Support for Lace both simple and fashion (STP, TXT and STC files)
- New variations: mirror, chevron, reflection
- Show full picture of pattern in your browser
- Finnish version of the software)

  • SilverKnit has free updates
  • Installation package now also runs on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2, both x86 and x64
  • Digitized Mylar sheets for all electronic machines are copied to your hard drive during installation (My Designs folder or language equivalent)

    Please note this item ships Postal Service from the Netherlands. Please choose Ground Shipping only, there are no expedited methods available

    SilverKnit Pattern Control for Silver Reed SK500 SK800 Series Electronic Knitting Machines
  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
SilverKnit Slide Shows

Click HERE for SilverKnit Utility Chart, 1.8.60 version Downloads, Languages Supported, Help, Slide Show, and RKC1000E Download

  • SilverKnit USB Silverknit with USB cable
  • SilverKnit RS232 SilverKnit with RS232 cable

  • Knitting Machines: SK550 SK560 SK580 SK830 SK840 SK860 SK890 LC580 AG50 SA-3E

  • Pattern formats: PAT DesignaKnit BPT Brother BMP Windows BitMaP CST CompuStrick
    CUT Passap Creation PCX System 90 INTO SHAPE STC Stitch Painter pattern STB Stitch Painter brush
    DAT Silverreed PC10

  • Variations:
    Normal Double Rows Double Stitches Upside Down
    Negative Reversed Center Repeat
    Wrap Carriage left End Needles Width
    Skip Stitch Skip Stitch with Ribber Fairisle Rib
    Most variations above can be combined

  • 32 bit Operating Systems:
    Windows 98 Windows ME Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2008 Windows 7 test

  • 64 bit Operating Systems:
    Windows 2003 x64 Windows XP x64 Windows Vista x64 Windows 2008 x64

  • Model PC Connectivity: Cable Power
    SilverKnit USB Series A USB connector USB External 100-240 V power supply
    SilverKnit RS232 Series A USB connector DCE RS232 connector RS232 External 100-240 V power supply

  • Model Diagnostics:
    SilverKnit LED Green Power is applied to SilverKnit
    LED Red/Green Needle is selected or not selected
    LED Red/Green Green: RS232, Red: USB
    Design Software Manufacturer Comment
    DesignaKnit 7 Soft Byte Use DK7* or SilverKnit software for knitting
    DesignaKnit 6 Soft Byte Use SilverKnit software for knitting
    Stitch Painter Cochenille Use SilverKnit software for knitting
    Journal Six Jennifer L Schmidt Use SilverKnit software for knitting
    Win_Crea Chris Dixon Use SilverKnit software for knitting

    Note: The installation program for SilverKnit has now full support for Windows 8.1. Also included are the latest FTDI drivers. You can download the latest version from: Download HERE

    SilverKnit software version 1.14.72 is available for free download. New in this release: Support for fairisle rib 4 color designs.
    New in this release:
  • Support for fairisle rib 4 color designs.
  • Lifted 3 color restriction for Skip Stitch
  • Lifted unintended 65535 stitch design restriction

Included Accessories
  • Installation CD with Instructions, Drivers, Software
  • Pattern Controller Unit
  • Coil Connector Cord
  • Power Adapter - 120V to 18V
  • Digitized Mylar Sheets
  • SilverKnit comes with an external 100-240V power supply imput adapter that converts all voltages to 18V power supply going into the SilverKnit box.
Other Images

icon SILVER KNIT Pattern Controller Unit

icon SILVER KNIT Software User Interface

icon SILVER KNIT Coil Cable Connector Curl Cord

icon You can attach the SilverKnit box on its side to your Knitting Machine case as shown, using self adhesive Velcro strips

icon SilverKnit Pattern Control Box, USB Cord, 100-240V Adapter +Emulator

SilverLink4 has been existing since 2002 and is a very stable product. Silverlink 5 is a later product (kind of copy of SL4) made by Softbyte in UK. Functionally for DAK is the same. Main differences: - SL4 is upgradable to SilverKnit, still keeping full SL4 functionality for DAK7/8. SL5 is not. - SL4: Communication with PC protected by robust protocol - SL4 has shielded connector for the curl cord to guarantee good Ground connection. SL5 has non-shielded connector. These are known for problems after frequent use. - Price is almost double for SilverLink5 ! More complete overview CB-2 software version 1.17,72 is available for free download here. Only for Brother KnitKing KH970, replaces the CB-1 Controller Box CB-2 is a completely different product. - SilverKnit is for Silver Reed knitting machines only -CB-2 is for Brother KH970 only (replaces the CB-1 controller box. With the new "program" feature you can combine multiple patterns into a new pattern with total freedom. You can select (a portion of) any of the designs you can access with the Browse function and position it anywhere on the target pattern. In case of repetitions, you can specify the first needle position or have CB-2 software position the design for you. A number of differences between CB-1 and CB-2. * more than 9 patterns can be programmed * patterns don't have to be aligned horizontally * all accessible patterns formats can be used KH910 patterns are included and also the Electronic Pattern Card patterns. With the program feature you can knit all Electronic Pattern Card patterns as shown in the pattern booklet. (CB-2, the replacement of CB-1) please visit Click here For more information on Control Box 2
where do I download the designs because I am in no way ready to make my own designs?
Maybe it is a good idea to consult Google anyway and the search string "silver reed machine knitting patterns download" Above search string will result in links to free download of pattern manuals and free download of stitch files for Brother and Silver Reed in one or more of the DesignaKnit formats.
SilverKnit supports both DesignaKnit stitch formats. [email protected]

{Q I am very interested in buying this (SilverKnit) for my Singer 580. I was wondering if it can communicate with the disks and patterns saved to the FB100 Emulator.
You can extract the patterns saved using FB100 Emulator into .PAT files.
SilverKnit Utility can load and knit .PAT files.
This way you can use all patterns you use on Brother machines. Jos

1. With which software - instead of DAK - can I create pattern that are 200 stiches wide and more than 500 rows high.

A: SilverKnit supports lots of file formats

You can even use Notepad to cerate a pattern that is 200 stitches wide and more than 500 rows high.

Not a very good user interface for that, but it is possible and free, so is MS Paint too.
2. How do I get the data to the silverknit. Is there an instruction how to operate the patterning software, how to create the control data and how to bring the file to silverknit? What kind of file is it?

A: On above page you find a link to the documentation. Patterning is done with external software, you download the file to the SilverKnit box; after that the SilverKnit box does the needle selection and the PC shows the progress.
3.Which parts do I need in total (silverknit, cable ...), where do I get a quotation?

A: On above page you also find a Where to buy section
4. What is exactly about the possibility to knit lace with the KM560, lace garriage and silverknit? No possibility?

A: You need the lace carriage 560LC; SilverKnit supports knitting of lace using symbols. You can use the DesignaKnit lace module, Stitch Painter, or even Notepad.

Obviously you can do your own separation and download a pattern with selects and not selects (black and white or bicolor if you like)
5. Are all other kinds of knitting like tuck, fairisle...supported?

A: That type of support is provided by the knitting machine. As stated earlier, you can knit a black and white pattern; the position of the dial determines what you knit.
6. Consideration/Proposal: A still existing border for me is a connected PC at my knitting machine. That needs
too much space....

A: The software is Windows software which runs for example on a Acer Windows 8 tablet. Conversion to Android is not a 5 minute job. We are considering wireless interfaces at the moment to accommodate tablets and other wireless PCs better.

With SilverKnit you have more functionality than you get from an EC1/PE1 combination.
You use SilverKnit in the place of the EC1 and PE1, hence replacement. You cannot connect a SilverKnit with an EC1.
Having mylars is not functionality required for knitting patterns.
Software and hardware exists to read mylars and store them on your computer.
And as far as Mores Code goes: with SilverKnit you can do the same as with a mylar: do the separation yourself using the graphics package of your choice. Jos Timmermans
This is exactly what I needed to know. I read the manual and in the lace it says for lace you must use DAK or Cochenelle as it translates it to what I call Mores Codes or use Word pad and do the code yourself. I read nothing about being able to to still use a mylar style graphic. If it is there I did not see it. Knowing this I have a program that I can scan these Mylars in with and turn them into a proper file type for Silverknit. I am now sold on the Silverknit system and will be looking to buy one very soon. Now I wish I hadn't shelled out for blank mylars. lol. Sounds like the perfect accessory for the 500's and 800's knitting machines. Robert

Q: Why should I buy SilverKnit?

A: SilverKnit is less expensive, but one shouldn't compare apples with pears.

In terms of knitting, SilverKnit is probably the stronger package.

In terms of design: SilverKnit doesn't have design functionality.

But... one of the reasons to develop SilverKnit was that users have design software other than
Design A Knit, but cannot knit because there was no package that supported electronic SilverReed machines other than Design A Knit.

Q: It is really nice to see someone developing software and hardware for our machines! I was beginning to think that they were a dieing breed.

A: Not really; we have developed recently the USB cables.

Q: I have a few questions about your new software and hardware package SilverKnit. First is do you plan on adding any other file formats. KnitWare and Garment Designer come to mind. I see that Stitch Painter is supported but isn't this a motif or stitch pattern designer only?
I'm informed that Garment Designer can export to Stitch Painter. You can indeed make your patterns with Stitch Painter.

A: SilverKnit is a package that can do knitting from stitch files. If there are any stitch formats not supported and the developer of the format is willing to share the format and/or I can work out the format, they will be added to the SilverKnit softare.
SilverKnit is not design software.

Q: Can one still use a garment pattern designed in Garment Designer with Stitch Painter somehow? If I'm not mistaken, they can be exported.

A: Naomi seems to be the expert in this field.

Q: Does the SilverKnit give me KFS like DAK, audio ques and so on?

A: While knitting, SilverKnit shows on screen what you're knitting (what you see is what you knit). There is not such a thing as shaping.On the other hand, SilverKnit maintains the carriage position, point cam position, row counter, contrast color.

Q: Will it convert a pattern it does not support?

A: II it would convert, they would be supported, so answer: no.

Q: Does SilverKnit read Lace files?

A: On can develop lace in multiple ways. technically speaking, lace is nothing else than fairisle. I know various DAK6 users who knit lace patterns, so not sure what the right answer is here.

Q: Do you have a complete feature list, something that explains all that can be done using SilverKnit.

A: SilverKnit has 2 basic functions:
1. download a pattern to the SilverKnit box after applying variations
2. knit the pattern downloaded to the SilverKnit box
You can consider SilverKnit as a replacement of the EC1/PE1 combination with more functionality.

Q: Would the curl cord of an SK830 be enough?

A: Yes any curl cord will do.

Q: So, all things considered, this would be cheaper than DAK and the SL4?

A: Correct. SilverKnit is cheaper than DAK + SL4; SilverKnit is also cheaper than the PC10. And... you can use more or less any program to develop your patterns. SilverKnit works with Stitch Painter from Cochenille for example.

Q: If I understand well, with the SilverKnit you don't need DAK but how about the cable?

A: The SilverKnit package includes the grey SilverKnit box, power supply and USB cable + software
(SilverKnit Utility) to operate the SilverKnit box. A curl cord is not standard included. SK5xx and EC1
users have one already. You are right, SilverKnit Utility does the knitting. You can create patterns in
any format supported by SilverKnit Utility including Microsoft Paint.

Q: What do you mean exactly by "The SilverKnit software can be upgraded to DK7 using SilverKnit hardware."?

A: If a user buys SilverKnit and decides later on he or she wants to use DK7, he or she doesn't have to buy an SL4; there will be made available an upgrade path in DK7 to use the SilverKnit box.

In [email protected], "northtipton" wrote:
If I may state the obvious (at least to many of you), I want to
make sure I understand what SilverKnit is. I looked at some of the
screen shots with the designs having a .pat file association. But
I also see that the program has a control (?) box and cables.
Could this program be used solely, through the EC-1 cable, to
design patterns and knit those patterns interactively?
SilverKnit is a package: A SilverKnit box and a program to drive the SilverKnit box: SilverKnit Utility.
Together they replace the EC1 and PE1.
The SilverKnit box is a superset of the Silverlink 4.
SilverKnit Utility enables you to knit almost any knitting pattern on an electronic Silver Reed/Studio/Knitmaster/Singer machine.
To give you a simple example: one can design a lace pattern in Stitch Painter from Cochenille.
One of the main reason for developing SilverKnit is to create a package for those users who want to knit patterns on a Silver Reed machine, but don't want DesignaKnit for that purpose, but a package with the fucntionality of an EC1 (+PE1) using the features of a PC.
One could argue that the PC10 is such a package, but the PC10 lacks the user interface capablities a PC can offer like a large screen where you can see lots of stitches instead of a tiny screen.
I can give multiple more advantages of having a PC, which you can probably dream up yourself too.

I do recall when the EC-1 and PE-1 were available and were
interactive with DesignaKnit. Am I reading the information
correctly that the cables for SilverKnit could be used instead of
the current DAK SilverLink cables?
Very close. The connectivity function of the SilverKnit can completely replace the Silverlink 4. The only function not taken over from DesignaKnit is shaping instructions. For the rest, the SilverKnit package supports a lot more file formats (10+), does not suffer from problems with large pattern download, or carriage moving wrong direction other than user error. There are also more variations possible which can be applied during download of the pattern to the SilverKnit box.

I, for one, do not enjoy working with mylar sheets, so that is
already a major plus for me with this SilverKnit program.
Mylars are no longer required and you can develop your own patterns with simple tools like Notepad or Paint.

All mylars that come with the EC1 or a machine are provided in electronic form with SilverKnit Utility.

And... one of the stronger points of SilverKnit is that the features of the package are determined by the users. There are some limitations due to development choices, but suggestions from users are always very welcome and will be implemented if feasable. Jos.

Hello Erica

Like you I have an SK860
I have EC1 and a curly cord.

I also spent ages trying to figure out what was what, and this is what I did.

I bought the silverknit package, nothing else. You get a silver box, a lead to connect to your computer from the box, and a disc with the computer programme on, and a lead to plug the silver box into the electricity power supply.

You leave the curly cord in your knitting machine carriage. You put the other part of it (that went into your EC1) into the silver Knit box, pushing it in firmly.

In the SilverKnit software, there is a big folder full of all the designs that you get on the mylar sheets with the EC1, and quite a lot of others too. They get loaded into a folder called my Designs, which parks itself in your own computer's file called My Documents.

After you have installed the disc you open up the program called silver knit utility on your computer, and you are ready to knit (you have to spend some time reading and understanding the instructions, because it is a little bit different from using the EC1. you still have two point cams, but you don't use a needle 1 cam)

Next thing, you want to make your own designs, or buy them, instead of using a Mylar sheet. You do that on your computer in various different ways. you can use Paint, or GIMP or Win Crea or Knit Pat, which are all available for free via the internet. You then fill in dots on a screen, save them, and knit from them.

What kind of knitting you do depends on how you set your carriage - so if you want tuck stitch, you set your carriage to tuck, you also use the "negative" setting, just like you do on the EC1 when you put the right light on button 1. Same with slip, or fairisle. the double jacquard, if you do that with your ribber, you use the settings "Fairisle Rib" and Double Bed on the silverknit software screen.

since I got the Silver knit package nearly 2 weeks ago I have not used my EC1 anymore. I have made quite a few patterns myself, in Paint, and also found that you can buy other people's patterns if they sell them in Designa Knit format (.pat) and open them in silverKnit, but you can't edit them, just knit from them.

I hope that answers your questions, but I will be happy to tell you more - i am still learning myself though. I don't have Designa Knit, as i don't want to make my own designs for garments, but i wanted an alternative to filling in mylar sheets, and this silverKnit system is great for that.

Best Wishes


Adele, Online
I have Silverknit, EC 1, and PE 1. I use Silverknit most often. It comes already loaded with all of the standard Singer mylar patterns that come with the machine. Before I purchased Silverknit, I had a request for a crib size blanket with a full width Elmo in 4 color double jacquard. I had to find 9 blank mylars to make this design with PE1! It is much easier to create the design in Microsoft Paint. For color work, Silverknit automatically does the color separation. There is a learning curve, like anything else. Adele

Patrick, New York
Keep up the good work.

Dennis O, Lancaster CA`
just for the wife has bought several knitting machines from and also silverknit. i can't express more strongly the great support these folks provide as well as excellent prices. in my opinion you cannot go wrong shopping there. dennis

Jos , SilverKnit
If you want to enter your own pattern, you can use at least four free programs: Notepad (txt format), Paint (bmp format) and Win_crea (Cut format) and KnitPad (Nit format). There are probably more. Jos

Laritza, Yahoo Groups
The SilverKnit program includes all the patterns that come with the machines punch cards and electronics. It is very easy to add new patterns, the program is compatible with many file formats. Laritza

Laritza T, Yahoo Groups
I can not say enough good things about SilverKnit customer support. Last time I had an issue DAK wanted me to mail the box, the carriage and the cable...Jos asked for the file and found the problem within half an hour and during a weekend too! The best thing I ever did for my own machine knitting, was purchase the SilverKnit box, you can't go wrong with it. Laritza

Adele, Wyoming
You have sooooo many toys that are not available to me locally. Thank you for your wonderful selection, low prices, and fast shipping!

Dennnis O, Lancaster CA
hi.... the order from the netherlands has not arrived yet. the stuff you sent me was hooked up today and worked fine. we downloaded the demo DAK7 software and ran it using the silverlink4 that came with the silverknit. that too worked like a champ. just an update. dennis

Jos, SilverKnit
A new release 1.6.55 of the SilverKnit software is avilable for free download from New in this release is: - Jacquard as the PC10 knits it. - Pattern is preserved after power down of SilverKnit box - Tooltips that can be enabled and dsiabled - Support for tiuck and slip stitch (STP files) There are also a couple of buf fixes and improvements: - The red line that shows the middle of the pattern is now consistent - Scrolling speed is improved - n color Jacquard knits n colors in the first row also if the numbers of colors in the first row is lower than n. - after transfer of pattern, the OK button is now the default button. The download is a complete installation as usual. Jos

Jos Timmermans, SilverKnit
In DesignaKnit, grading is a facility where you create 2 identical models (shapes) in different sizes. DesignaKnit can, using these 2 models, create additional models in different sizes. Garment Styler from Cochenille has a similar feature. The knitting of these models is completely independent of the grading itself. You still have to do the increases and decreases etc yourself. With SilverKnit you can knit all kinds of stitch pattern formats with all kinds of variations and you obtain the model/shape information from an external source. SilverKnit replaces the functionality of the EC1+PE1 and/or the PC10. DesignaKnit can give you modeling instructions how to knit a model/shape while knitting a garment. What you even could do is obtain the modeling instructions from DesignaKnit and knit your garment with SilverKnit. Whether the modeling instructions came from a graded model or not doesn't make a difference. If you have any further questions, please ask. Regards, Jos

Laritza, Overseas
I just received my SK unit. The software installation was fast and easy. I then downloaded the upgrades and those also installed without a problem. All the EC1 mylar sheet patterns are in there. Not a problem at all! Now all I have to do is run up to the machine with the computer in hand and connect. Thank you so much for this device, it is a dream come true! Laritza

Bianca, Belgium
Hi everybody, I'm so excited, I have just tried the SK500 adapter of Silverknit and it works!!! I can now use my machine without making mylarsheets. Thank you Jos and Guus! Bianca (Belgium)

Bianca, Belgium
Hi everybody, I was invited to join this group and so here I am. My name is Bianca and I live in Belgium. I have recently received Silverknit and find it fantastic. Soon I will be able to use my SK500 with the Silverknit too, thanks to Jos . I'm so glad I don't have to draw mylar sheets anymore. Bye for now. Bianca

Jos, SilverKnit
*We are working to provide support for the SK500 in SilverKnit. The SK500 carriage is hardware incompatible with the other SK5xx and SK8xx carriages. We have tested a device that makes the SK500 carriage compatible with the other carriages. The prototype of the device worked very well duirng the test. Thanks to Bianca for the assistance. As soon as the device will go in production, I will announce that on this list. Jos

SilverKnit is qualified to run on Windows 7 both x86 and x64 almost immediately after RTM (Release To Manufacturing) of Windows 7. The installation program (InstallShield) now also supports Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2. The new version of InstallShield no longer supports Windows 98 and Windows ME. This has forced us to create 2 installation programs: one for Windows 98 and Windows ME using the old version of InstallShield and one for Windows 2000 and newer using the new version of InstallShield. The implementation of the new version of InstallShield introduced a couple of new features: 1. If you have a previous version of SilverKnit installed, you had to uninstall the old version first via add/remove programs. Now a confirmation dialog is displayed where you need to confirm that you want the old version removed. 2. The uninstall no longer shows the ugly yellow warning stating that potentially dangerous software is trying to modify your pc. 3. The Finish button will not be enabled anymore if the driver installation is not completed yet. You can download this version of the SilverKnit software from the download area of Jos