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Sapporo SP711 Heated Ironing Board Table 53"x16"x35"H, Vacuum Motor, Trays (+$699.00, You Save $500.99)

Without using a separate steam generator, you can easily start pump ironing with steam wherever you want if only an 110V electric power supply is available.
It is suitable for small factories, boutiques and also garment factory.
You can use the irons for professional use at home.
It is possible to iron with steam only by setting up the water tank or electric mobile water pomp.

Precise temperature control
A combination both Electronic Thermostat(N-89S/ST/W) and Heater Element gives precise temperature control and energy efficiency.

Tuffram finish iron sole
A Teflon injected Iron sole makes smooth and easy ironing with long life.

Naomoto Standard Comfort
*Molded Urethane Handle *Open End Handle *Heat Shield
*Excellent Weight Balance *Fine Steam Volume Control

  • US Warranty 30 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Naomoto’s solution to a gravity feed iron that does not require hanging a water tank above the iron for gravity. This iron is a pump driven tank HYS410/520P
The PS-2 pump also has a steam volume control.
The iron also makes steam like the iron above and features an electronic thermostat for temperature ranges of +/- 4° F

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icon Naomoto Japan HYS410P Electric Hot Iron 800W, 110V Power Cord, and Hose with PS-2PU Pump Water Tank to Iron with Steam Volume Control

icon HYS-410P Pump feed Steam / Electric Iron

What is the difference between the pump Naomoto hys 410p and the hys 58 gravity feed other than one has a pump?
HYS-58 is a traditional gravity feed water bottle iron. HYS-410 is not a gravity feed iron but requires an optional water pump to supply the same type of iron with a pressurized water stream. Both irons have a solenoid to control water flow to the iron's steam chamber and an adjustable thermostat to control the heat of the iron's soleplate. Use the steam switch on either iron intermittently so steam chamber does not cool down with too much water (caused by holding the steam switch down until the iron cools off).