125 foot mini spool - “spoolette” - of The Mountain Thread Company’s 5/16” diameter 100% cotton solid braid rope. This natural cotton rope is custom made in North Carolina, USA for The Mountain Thread Company. We recommend the use of a heavy duty needle and a 50wt high quality thread for your rope sewing projects. For coiled rope basketry, please note: this rope is slightly larger in diameter than the rope found in The Mountain Thread Company’s DIY kits, and can be used interchangeably with kit supplies. For the exact rope used in the kits, check out the 3/16” rope. Many sewing machines can handle this larger rope without any issues, but it is important to know that this thicker diameter rope may work differently in your sewing machine than the original 3/16” rope.

Made of: 100% Cotton Braided Rope
Use: Coiled Rope Basketry
Size: 6-3/4in x 6-1/2in x 2in

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