Use the Octi-HOOPS and enjoy Free-Motion Embroidery and Quilting Pain Free!
Clare Rowley, Inventor of the Creative Feet and Octi-HOOPS has your health in mind when she creates all of her products.

The Octi-Hoops are so easy to use, children as young as 3 have embroidered and our youngest quilter is only 8! When Free Motion techniques are as easy as coloring, everyone has the ability to create amazing quilts and embroidery projects with any sewing machine that can do free-motion! Click here to view machines that cannot do Free-Motion. View our Dragonfly Embroidery Video online and others below to learn why so many sewing enthusiasts are so happy with their Octi-Hoops!

Octi-Hoops Free Motion Embroidery - Introduction.

Take your embroidery and free motion quilting to the next level with a Creative Feet Octi-Hoop Kit. Turn any sewing machine into a embroidery or free motion quilting machine when using the Octi-Hoop Kit. A significant benefit of using the Octi-Hoop Kit is that you get to remove the presser foot, thereby making it easier to see what you are doing, plus without the foot, you do not have to worry about the fabric puckering. Included in each Octi-Hoop Kit, you get three octi-hoop frames (11.75", 9.75", and 7.75"), two handles, three stabilizer samples, instructions, patterns for embroidery, and a quilting and instructional DVD.

  • Free motion embroider on any garment, even baseball caps!
  • Using handles that feel like a crayon you simply draw with your sewing machine.
  • Free motion quilting is like tracing on paper! You use 2 frames so the quilt is supported.
  • No puckers, ever!
  • Three different size frames to match your project needs!
  • So easy to use, children as young as 3 have embroidered!
  • Use with or without a free-motion foot!
  • Hoop's inner dimensions: 7in, 9in, 11in

    More Information:
    Free Motion is embroidery or quilting with the feed dogs lowered and without the use of the embroidery unit. Which means it's possible on almost every sewing machine!

    Very easy and quick to get started!
    You simply remove the presser foot, lower your feed dogs, and set your stitch length to 0 to prepare your machine! Then determine if you need to stabilize your project or not within the frame and begin sewing by moving the frame with the handles!

    Do I need a free motion foot?
    When using the Octi-Hoops the sewing machine foot is removed, as the free-motion presser foot is in the way, as we quilt or embroider. Removing the foot makes it much easier to see where you're going and the frame or stabilizer, depending on your project, keeps the fabric stable. You also no longer have to worry about puckers with the foot removed!

    Octi-Hoops Designs
    We've made a variety of designs for you to utilize when using your Octi-Hoops! You can trace these onto your fabric or print them on some Stick & Rinse stabilizer! Get the designs here!

Included Accessories
Includes: 3 Octi-Hoop Frames, 2 Handles, 3 Stabilizer Samples, Instructions, Patterns for Embroidery and Quilting and Instructional DVD that works in your TV DVD Player and Computer DVD player.
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icon Octi-Hoops CFHP-K1 3 Creative Frame Hoops, S-M-LG, Handles Kit* & DVD

icon Three different size frames to match your project needs! So easy to use, children as young as 3 have embroidered! Simply take your foot off the machine and lower your feed dogs to get started!

icon Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion embroidery eagle

icon Octi-Hoop Kit Free Motion Embroidery Frames from Creative Feet