For Embroidery Machine Fabrics, In & Under Hoops, Use Sticky in or under your hoop and eliminate hoop marks on all fabrics including:
  • Sweatshirt Fleece
  • Ultra Suede
  • Velvet
  • Brushed Velour
  • Brushed Denim
  • Silk
  • Flannel
  • Nylon
  • Knitted Fabric
  • Caps

    Sulky Tear Away stabilizers are temporary and can be used both as a backing and/or topping. They support the stitches during the sewing process and are removed by simply tearing the stabilizer from the stitches when sewing is complete. You can use one or more layers and then tear away the layers separately to protect stitches from being pulled or distorted. An iron-on tear away like Totally Stable can be used under the fabric when sewing decorative satin stitches and satin stitch appliqué. It supports the dense stitching and prevents fabrics from tunneling or puckering. You can use iron-on or adhesive backed stabilizers like Sticky Plus as a template to stitch or trace around. The template can be repositioned numerous times for repeat design work.

    Sulky Stabilizing-At-A-Glance Chart
Sulky Sticky+ stabilizer is a temporary, self-adhesive, tear-away stabilizer that is ideal to use on items that cannot be hooped or are too small to fit in a hoop. Great to hold small areas like pockets, edges, cuffs, collars, etc. It eliminates hoop marks on fabrics like sweatshirt fleece, Ultra Suede, velvet, brushed velour, brushed denim, silk, flannel, knitted fabrics and caps. All Sulky stabilizers are acid and lead free. When you need more surface area buying by the bolt is your best bet!

Backing or Topping: Backing
Color Name: White
Hand Weight: Medium
Permanent or Temporary: Temporary
Width: 22 1/2''
Yardage: 25 yds.
Brand: Sticky +
Removal Method: Tear-Away

Machine Embroidery
  • How to use Sticky stabilizer part 2 Tutorial.
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icon Sulky 551-25 Sticky+ Self Adhesive Tear Away Stabilizer 22.5"x25Yds Bolt

Janet M, Cary NC
Okay, you guys exceeded my expectations in one way. You were out of the Cut Away. You emailed me regarding this. I didn't have to search or dig to find out why my order didn't arrive weeks later. You emailed me!. YOU OFFERED TO LET ME CANCEL MY ORDER OR WAIT. Whhaaatt? So many places say it's on backorder, tough noogies. But you also informed me that if the wait became too long, I could cancel my order. I decided to wait. It wasn't long after my Sticky+ arrived, that the cut away arrived. The email and quick shipment of my backorder is why I gave speed of shipment a 7. I am really impressed with your customer service. You are now my go to company for ordering stabilizer. You all totally rock.

Janet M, Cary NC
Thank you so much Miss Barbara, Both of my stabilizers arrived on my front porch. :-) The extra wait for the Cut-A-Way Plus was no problem. I have to give you and your company a pat on the back. Go ahead. Give yourself a pat on the back. I was very impressed that when the delivery of my Cut-A-Way plus was delayed, you notified me and provided me options, ie, wait, cancel order, etc. Wow Most companies today will not notify the customer. If they do (or you contact them) the only option is to wait. I definitely will be shopping with you again. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.

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