A unique patented sharpening edge that will help keep your rotary cutter blade sharpened as you work! It is the same concept as a knife sharpener, each time you take a cut on the sharpener side you will run along the 650 grit Diamond Carbide edge. This keeps your rotary blade fine tuned and lasting longer!

The fully frosted backing on each ruler gives you just the right amount of steadiness for cutting, but also allows you to slide the ruler when you want to. And the full frosting reduces visual clutter when you are looking for the numbers to use.

Large easy to view numbers, with our 3 color marking system we have great flexibility to highlight the most-needed markings and reduce the clutter on the ruler. This is very visual ruler, you will be able to glance down and use our color system to quickly determine if you are using the correct lines:
• The black lines are the full inches: 1, 2, 3...
• The red lines are the 1/2" measurements: 1.5, 2.5, 3.5...
• The 1/8" markings are printed on white so they are less distracting when using the more popular measurements

The squares are designed with extra visual helpers
• The red lines are designed to "tuck" your block into. Use the "inside" edge of the red angle to cut squares and trim up blocks
• The diagonal has extra large dots for fabric positioning