Our unique mat is double sided with red on one side and orange on the other. This revolutionary design allows you to use the side that works best with your fabric colors. The also prolongs the life of your mat.

• Less cluttered line system with the most used markings
• Numbers are placed on the outside so you don't cover them up when cutting
• Top and bottom number for matching long strips
• Extra large numbers that are easy to read
• Yardage numbers on the top and bottom for cutting 1/4yd, 1/3rd, 1/2yd, 2/3yd/, 3/4yd and 1yd.
• Extra inch added to the large mat so you have that much needed wiggle room when cutting large pieces

Enjoy these instructional videos from quilter extraordinare Pat Sloan, who didn't just endorse The Cutting EDGE Rulers, she also assisted with heir innovative design.
The new Sullivans EDGE Cutting Mats have some amazing features
  • Highest quality self-healing mats can withstand any type of cut.
  • Self-healing technology allows cuts to mend themselves, allowing mat surface to remain smoother longer than standard mats.
  • Double sided so you can use the side that works best with your fabric colors and prolongs the life of your mat.
  • Simple grid layout keeps cutting lines clean.
  • For best results use in conjunction with the Cutting EDGE Rotary Cutter and EDGE Rulers.
  • Gridded surface 25" x 38"
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