Note: This product comes 12 per case.

DESCRIPTION: No. 945 stops squeaking, sticking, binding while it retards corrosion. Makes cleaning easier and quicker. Dries fast with no greasy or oily film. It saves valuable time while it protects and preserves equipment. Odorless, colorless, non-staining, waxless, and heatstable--unaffected by temperatures ranging from -40̊ C to 204̊ C. It has unusually low surface tension properties.


Furniture/Auto Trim/ Upholstery: Speeds cutting and sewing while eliminating material drag. It stops bunching and binding and facilitates fabric flow.

Glaziers/Automotive: Effective for lubricating weather stripping, window channels and doors.

Printers & Screenprinters: Lubricates screen frames, vacuum beds, and print plates.

Hardware/Industrial Maintenance: Use on power tools to prevent binding and to provide easier cutting of materials.

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Can Size: 20 oz.
Net weight: 11 oz.
Color: Colorless
Fragrance: Odorless
Spray Pattern: Wet misty