Juki Adjustable Hemmer Guide fits MCS-1500, for guiding folded hems for perfectly placed cover stitching.

The Hem guide ensures accurate positioning of the hem edge on light to medium weight fabrics such as jersey or tricot, or on flounces. The Coverstitch hem guide features an infinitely variable sliding guide which is attached to the serger or Cover Stitch and secured with set screws. The hemmer guide enables even, parallel feeding of prefolded fabric edges. This makes it ideal for both wide and narrow coverstitch formations using two or three needles. The result: professional looking coverstitched hems that will impress by their high-quality workmanship.

JUKIĀ®Serger Coverstitch Hem Guide Presser Foot Video

This guide is used for setting the folded width of the fabric and the stitching position for coverstitching.
This guide can set the folded width of the fabric and align the edge of the fabric from the back side, where it is difficult to see the coverstitching. First fold the fabric to the width that is to be sewn and then adjust the guide according to the width of the fold. This guide is perfect for finishing pants and sleeve hems of clothes.
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