AlbaChem SUPER 88 ADHESIVE Super Strong Tack High Coverage Less Frequent Re-application Bonds Everything... Cloth, Wood, Foam, Film, Plastic, Cardboard Mist Spray Pattern Many Uses: Screen Printing Photographic Applications Art Projects Embroidery Applying Insulation Furniture & Upholstery And more. AlbaChem Super 88 applies more adhesive solids for obtaining a strong bond using less adhesive. It is great in applications where a light mist adhesive does not provide enough tack. Super 88 is water resistant, presents a fast rack and will not wrinkle most porous surfaces or fabrics. No. 1088 - Net Wt. 13 oz. (369 grams)

AlbaChem® Super 88 1088 Adhesive MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET(.PDF)

AlbaChem® Super 88 1088 Adhesive Technical Data Sheet(.PDF)
Included Accessories
6 Cans of 13 oz Super 88 Adhesive Spray