Monitor compatible Brother embroidery machines from your smart device with My Stitch Monitor, a free application from Brother. Wirelessly connect to your machine so you may monitor the progress status of your embroidery, thread alerts, and more. You can check information on all the thread colors used for embroidering. You can also receive notifications on your smart device when the machine stops (ex; Embroidery Finished, Waiting for thread to be changed, Errors).

  • Easily check the progress status of your embroidery in the progress bar
  • Receive updates about your embroidery even when you exit the application to your device's home screen
  • View thread colors, thread brands and the duration of the embroidery
Compatible models:
Innov-is XP1
(The machine is required to activate with the Upgrade kit I)
Innov-is XP2
Innov-is XP3

Supported operating systems and Devices:
  • Android™: 5.0 or later
  • iOS: 10.0 or later (Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
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