Its time to upgrade your Luminaire Innov-is Edition! The XP2 Upgrade Kit is packed with new features to take your sewing game to a whole new level. There are new quilting sash patterns, including 2-color quilting sash, triple stitching options for quilting sash patterns and so much more! Includes: New shape for the auto split of sash features (Hexagon), 2-color quilting sash, Triple stitches option for quilting sash patterns, new designs for single decorative fill on MDC, shorter length embroidery BH patterns, additional 50 embroidery patterns, switching the order of pattern for embroidery, easy decorative fill stippling in embroidery mode, enhancement in random shift, option for background image and for extracting the outline and comes with four sheets of end point stickers.

Optional Brother Hoopnetic 7x14" Magnetic Sash Border Frame for Luminaire XP1 XP2 BL Solaris2 Sashing Functon, Fits XJ1 XE1 Stellaire XV85 Dream V-Series VM VE

  • New quilting sash patterns, including 2-color quilting sash.
  • Triple stitching options for quilting sash patterns and so much more!
  • Comes with end point stickers
Brother upgrades are only available on Brother machines, and Not Babylock. Effective July 27th, 2020, the upgrade/certificate website will no longer allows customers to make a cross brand upgrade between Brother and Baby Lock.

[BrotherSupportSewing] (Embroidery and Sewing Machine) End point setting function

[BrotherSupportSewing] (Embroidery and Sewing Machine) Hexagon quilting sash

[BrotherSupportSewing] (Embroidery and Sewing Machine) My Design Snap

[BrotherSupportSewing] (Embroidery and Sewing Machine) Two color quilting sash

Brother Luminaire XP2 Sewing, Embroidery, & Quilting Machine New Features with Barbara

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icon Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP Software Upgrade II enhances the features of the Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP1.

icon End Point Sewing Function: The Brother Luminaire Upgrade II utilizes the built-in camera like feature in the InnovEye Plus Technology, you can now stop your stitch in the perfect place by just placing the Snowball End Point Sticker on your project.

icon Built-In Hexagon Shapes for Auto-Split Sash: Five hexagon shapes that give you more options for your embroidery/quilting projects!

icon Two-Color Quilting Sash Designs: Expand your creative output by selecting from five two-color quilting sash designs – perfect for eye-catching, colorful borders.

icon My Design Snap Mobile App For Image Transfer: Transfer images wirelessly with My Design Snap mobile app. Select a picture of line art or an illustration from your iOS or AndroidTM mobile device and send it directly to the Luminaire 2 through your wireless network. Personalization and customization are now available in seconds.