The biggest innovation to happen to patterns in over 100 years has occurred, the ditto will change the way you sew garments forever! Ditto combines digital projection with algorithmic intelligence to make patterns paperless, customizable and adaptable to any body measurements — all in just a few clicks.

A compact, easy setup projector allows you to view and modify sewing patterns without any paper or pinning needed. The Ditto makes viewing and using your sewing patterns efficient and accurate.

Follow your fashion design dreams. Ditto provides the tools and inspiration to accomplish what was only once imagined!

Perfect Fit, for Every Body
You get a custom fit that is made for your body. Ditto patterns are made to your measurements which take out the guesswork of sizing.
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Create Your Own Designs
You think you want ruffles, or maybe another pocket, perhaps flaring out those pants a bit more. With Ditto, it's fast and easy.

It's Quick and Easy to Set-Up & Use
In minutes you can go from box opening to patterning nirvana. No tools or engineering degrees needed.

Saves you time
It's kind of like magic. Using Ditto compresses hours into minutes. No more pinning, paper, or chalking.

Pattern Library
There are just so many choices! It's actually quite easy to get inspired and excited with thousands of sewing patterns to choose from.

It's precise. Very previse. Once you've calibrated your Ditto machine, you can cut with confidence.

Boxes and boxes of patterns. Since everything is digital, you no longer need to add more to that collection. Just Ditto and go.

JOANN and Singer Launch Ditto, the First Projector Made Just for Sewing, Craft Industry Alliance

Review: Ditto And Projector Sewing: What You Need To Know
February 8, 2023

Ditto™ launches digital pattern projection, the first disruptive sewing technology in 160 years
Ditto, a joint venture between JOANN and Singer, is the first pattern projector made for home sewists. The product launched at New York Fashion Wee and will be sold at JOANN and at Singer dealers.
The ability for home sewists to project sewing patterns directly onto fabric makes the process of starting a new project quicker and easier than using paper patterns. According to the Ditto marketing materials, “This system is the first evolution of paper patterns since their invention in 1860.”

  • Choose from hundreds of patterns
  • Launch the Ditto App
  • Project then cut
  • Monthly/Yearly subscription or pay-per-pattern at or on the Ditto App (coming soon).
Included Accessories
Singer Ditto Includes:
Bubble Level
Power Cord & Adapter
Cord Cover
Fabric Weights (x4)
Target Stickers
Ditto-exclusive Cutting Mat
Ditto-exclusive Rotary Cutter

Included Accessories:
• Projector
• Bubble level
• Power cord & adapter
• Cord cover
• Fabric weights (4)
• Target stickers
• Ditto exclusive cutting mat and rotary cutter
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icon Ditto / Traditional Pattern comparison

icon Ditto accessories

icon Ditto projection

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