Kate Jackson of The Last Homely House is phenomenally inspiring and beautifully relatable, inviting fans into her home week after week via her wildly popular YouTube channel. From gardening to to spinning, knitting, cooking, and quilting, Kate always finds a way to share her experiences in a way that makes others feel as though they can do anything. She inspires us all to grab a hot cup of tea, find a comfy corner in a cozy space, and dive into something creative… to take those moments for ourselves. Her debut Aurifil collection features 10 small spools of 100% cotton 6-strand divisible floss, perfect for taking a pause, slowing things down, and embarking on your own creative journey.
10 Small Spools 100% Cotton Floss: 2026, 2410, 2710, 5014, 28803817, 2530, 1128, 2860, 1114