A high-quality medium weight cut-away stabilizer with a light adhesive coating that reduces gumming and releases easily. For use on hard-to-hoop stretch fabrics like t- shirts, sweater knits, or fabrics like jeans that stretch during wear. Ideal for fabrics that require multiple hoopings. White, 20" wide x 5 yds long.

Starts with a highly quailty cut-away backing and combines it with a light adhesive that reduces gumming and releases easily - a sticky backed stabilizer that's right for knits and stretch fabrics!

Stabil-Stick combines a high quality professional embroidery stabilizer with a light adhesive that reduces gumming, releases easily, and provides clean sew-outs! Use Stabil-Stick for items that cannot be hooped. Stabil-Stick has a pressure sensitive adhesive and a paper backing that can be pulled away to reveal the adhesive. Hoop the Stabil-Stick, then take a straight pin to score around the area to be sewn. Remove the paper to expose the adhesive and adhere the item to the exposed area. White, up to 2.5 oz.

Available Sizes:
10" x 10 yards or
15" x 10 yards or
20" x 5 yards

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Dianne G, Redfield AR
I appreciated the follow up on my order when one of the products were on back order. I will definitely recommend to others