*Round Shank Needles for Commercial Handi Quilter, Bernina, Grace Qnique, Brother DQLT15, Tin Lizzie 18", Queen Quilter 18", King Quilter, Ansley 26", and Artistic Quilter 18" Longarm Quilting Machines. Also works with Viking 18" Arm Quilter, and Pfaff 18" Longarm Quilter machines from Tin Lizzie, but not for any portable short or 9" mid-arm machines which take flat back home sewing machine needles.

"We use the Groz beckert 134 SAN 11 #18 needle it is titanium coated reduces friction and allows the needle to be cooler and is much harder for less needle deflection. It has a special design scarf which allows for better timing of the hook this allows us to bring the point of the hook closer to the needle this helps in forming a better loop which trans lates into less skipping of stitches. Regarding the shank of the needle it is larger than the body of the needle below the shank it will be thinner until the eye of the needle.The standard 134 and 135X7needles are much different." Tin Lizzie
Needles for longarm machines (except A-1). Groz-Beckert #18 (MR 4.0). Pack of 100 needles.
Groz-Beckert 134 MR = 134 SAN 11 is specifically made for multi-directional use, which is exactly what longarm machines need. (Old packaging included 134 SAN 11, New packaging will not, but the needles are the same.)
Titanium-coated needles last longer and run cooler.
Multi-directional design means more accurate stitching while moving the machine is any direction.
Extra strength means maximum flexibilty and bending.
Deep scarf prevents skipped stitches, less puckering, and less thread breakage.

Changing the Groz Beckert, Organ or Schmetz 135x5 DPx5 needle Size 16 or 18 for Grace Qnique 14+ 15R 15M 15S Q19 Q21 Quilting Macines