150 Meters, 164 Yards Each Spool, 100wt Weight, 3 ply, Switzerland, This thread is a regular all-rounder. Whether on cotton, synthetics, mixed textiles,
linens or even silk, Mettler Metrosene+ makes for smooth seams. And because
Mettler has given Metrosene+ the ideal gliding properties, elaborate tension
adjustments are finally a thing of the past. Its beautiful, silk-like appearance
improves the radiance of your creations. So the saying is right after all:
clothes do make people. With Mettler Metrosene+, at any rate.
The thread with the unsurpassed seam strength.
Metrosene Plus 100% polyester thread is the ideal sewing thread for
all kinds of fabrics, including synthetics, mixed blends, linen or silk.

Don't be threadless just when you want to start a project. These 18 spools in 18 useful colors let you stock up so you're always ready to sew. Long fiber 100% polyester thread minimizes snagging, knotting and breaking. Delicate enough for lightweight fabrics, knits, and wovens; yet durable for heavy fabrics. Includes information on reordering individual spools. 100 wt./3 ply.
Mettler Thread Gift Sets contain the most popular colors of premium quality sewing thread. Metrosene Plus All Purpose 28pc- Mettler Metrosene makes for smooth seams. Colors include 594, 500, 502, 536, 952, 847, 554, 889, 561, 962, 672, 814, 675, 916, 2, 703, 844, 712, 771, 599, 674, 600, 959, 611, 854, 624, 623 and 3. Each spool has approximately 164 yards. 100% polyester.

Mettler Metrosene Thread Gift Pack - AMERICAN & EFIRD-Mettler: Metrosene Thread Gift Pack. Metrosene thread can be used on all fabrics and this fantastic color pack is sure to come in handy on all kinds of projects! It is easy-iron, shrink-proof, has high tensile strength, outstanding elasticity, and excellent smoothness. This package contains twenty-eight spools each with 150 meters of 100% polyester thread. Imported.
Elizabeth, New York
I will be back to order more Mettler thread as needed. You are a great company to shop with. I have added your company to my bookmarked favorites for sewing needs (and other items too!)

Cathy, Michigan
Very pleasurable experience!