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*Standard Polyester retains color through multiple washes, Rayon has slightly more sheen, but does not retain color vibrancy in the wash. Polyester is best used on any garment, and is the best all around choice. Use Rayon on items which do not get washed.
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icon This package includes one spool of each of these Robison Anton Thread Colors PLEASE NOTE: Colors are matched as closely as possible. Due to differences in monitors, settings, and other limitations, actual thread color may differ slightly from what is displayed.

Darleen C, Ironwood MI
The only problem I have is with the color numbers. The numbers don't seem to match up with any other colors I have. Such high numbers. They don't coordinate with my embroidery software like the older RA threads I have. Otherwise I really love RA threads. I am still using some that is over 10 years old.

Sharon K, Los Angeles CA
Latest order strange. I ordered what you have listed. I was sent the 100 cones w wooden stand. I am very happy with what I got. I had actually called to change to this one. Customer service said the first order had to be cancelled and I would have to reorder. Instead I got shipping notice with delivery of what I had called to switch to. Everything fine in the end for me. Thank you. Great prices.

Esther, Alabama
I searched the web and you had what I wanted at the prices that were verycompetative. I will be back!

Ginny, California
great service

Thelma, Washington
Thank you for the wide range of colours. I have bought single spools of the product in Canada at almost three times the price. As a fabric artist who uses a lot of thread I am delighted with your service.

Bernadette, Texas
1. Was not surprised that the magazine was a past issue but did not expect it to that old. That said, there was still good and helpful info in it. 2. Wished all the thread spools had the new snap thread bases. 3. Thought the thread rack would be finished a little nicer - more like what I've seen in the stores. But it was a freebee so I shouldn't complain. 4. The price of the thread was phenomenal. I'm new to machine embroidery so now I have a good selection of colors to choose from without having to buy 5 or 6 spools at $6/spool for new projects. 6. Have already told others about ALLBrands as a good source for supplies. I appreciate your free shipping!