Use the Tri-Sharp Mat Smoother to remove the tiny strands of fiberfill, batting, satin and other fabrics that become lodged in the crevices of your cutting mat. Just a few easy sweeps of the hand and your mat is renewed.

Will quickly and easily erase any trace of leftover fiber, stain or other fabric strands. It will also help to erase the nicks and crevices of self healing mats.


**Restores smooth cutting surface to "self healing" mats.

**Removes fabric & debris from cut marks.

**Now you CAN cut fiberfill with your rotary cutter, right on your mat!

**Will not damage your mat or remove your cutting grid.

**Made from Space-Age polymer, the Mat Smoother has a lifetime warranty, and is part of the Rotary Maintenance System.

**Helps keep your expensive cutting mats in the best shape possible.
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icon Tri-Sharp 5711TS Mat Smoother Tool for Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mats