Made from a pinnable material that is flexible yet sturdy making it easy to roll. A sanded finish helps prevent your fabric from moving. Printed Grid size: 32 "x55". Standard Thickness.

Made from 0.10" thick LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)

cutting Mats/Boards
36X59 Pinnable Mat - 36 x 59 inch Mat with 32 x 55 inch grid
Part. No. SF36X59T (Blue lines on white translucent mat)

This MegaMat fits a medium size surface and is specifically designed to fit the table with two foldable sides. Made of translucent LDPE the cutting mat has a sand side (printed) and smooth side (unprinted). Silk screened with blue lines and numbers. The 1 inch grid printed on the mat is 32 inches deep x 55 inches long. The amount of area the mat will cover is 36 inches deep x 59 inches long.
  • US Warranty Lifetime warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
MegaMat Care Guide
MegaMats are made in a variety of sizes: as small as 5"x7" to as large as 60"x120". All sizes of
MegaMats are available in our Pinnable Cutting Mat material.
Pinnable Cutting Mats
This top of the line cutting mat is made of special dense flexible plastic. The slip resistant
translucent material is resilient, durable, resists warping and can withstand the repetitive use of
a rotary cutter and/or art knife. (Mat knives are not recommended.) Roll for travel or temporary
storage, but for longer life, flat storage is best. The mats are marked with a 1" grid, 1/4" hash
marks, 45º angles, as well as inch ruler on all sides. Use with cloth, leather, film, vinyl, and
paper. Use pins or tacks to lightly tack material to mat.
With proper care our pinnable mats will last a long time. Contrary to popular belief there are no
self-healing mats. Mats simply are not capable of healing themselves because they are
manufactured from non-living materials. Some mats will appear to heal because the material
does not separate when it is cut or a dense core holds the cutting surface together. Our mats
appear to heal because the material does not separate when a small cut is made in the surface.
Because our mats are made of one polymer they are less prone to warping and they can be
rolled to transport or ship.
Following the simple instructions below will maximize the service of your pinnable MegaMat:
1. Always use a sharp blade. When you press too hard with a dull blade you will
damage your mat.
2. Never push harder with a sharp rotary cutter than is necessary to cut the fabric.
3. Cutting repeatedly on the same line will erode the mat on that line and cause it to
bubble or warp. Move around with your cuts.
4. Keep your mat clean. Wash it occasionally with warm soapy water.
5. The lines are silk screened with ink cured under UV light. If your lines flake off due to
the tiny cuts, you can put them back with a sharpie pen and a ruler.
6. While your MegaMat may have come to you rolled, it is best to store it flat.
7. Do not expose your mat to direct sunlight for long periods or excessive heat sources.
Sizes to Fit Most Work Areas:
The larger sizes create a seamless surface that covers your total work area at an attractive price.
There are a wide variety of sizes for various work services and/or for travel. The MegaMat Pros
are the Godzilla of mats. This seamless surface covers a whopping 60" x 120" (5'x10') and is
available with or without a grid. The 48" x 96" (4'x8') mat is available in an Extra Thick version,
which is thicker and able to withstand a high level of use with art knives

Billable transportation charges for freight intensive items will be the greater of the dimensional weight compared to the actual weight. In addition to transportation charges, freight carriers may assess an additional oversize charge per package.
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icon Quilters Rule Sew Fit SFT36X59in Translucent Rotary Cutter Cutting Mega Mat, Grid Size 32x55in, Pinnable Styrene

Gina R, Portland OR
Hi there. I came to your website because I had a need for a specifically sized cutting mat. The prices you have are by far the most affordable, and I was quite impressed with how fast my product arrived. The printed lines on the cutting mat are a little blurry in a few spots but otherwise i'm happy and it fits my table perfectly. Thank you!

Florence S, Silsbee TX
I love my mega mat it is so nice!!!

Joanne R, Lancaster NY
Quality seems good. However disappointed that it doesn't have measurement markings on it. ex: 1/4 yd, 1/2 yd 1 yd.