The KAI 7000 series High-Carbon stainless steel shears have an extra-long edge life and superior cutting efficiency. Designed for professional use, these tailoring style shears are ideal for clothing construction and for perfect pattern cutting. Excellent on all types of fabrics including: silks, cottons, denim, fleece, leather, tapestry, upholstery fabrics and drapery. Smooth cutting action and super sharp blades make these the sharpest fabric scissors available.

Kai 7000 Series Product Brochure (.PDF)
The KAI 7250L - 10 in True Left-Handed Professional Shear that is ideal for use on most sewing projects. A true left-handed scissor has a left-handed grip and its blades are reversed from that of a right-handed scissor. This allows a left-handed user to benefit from a more comfortable grip as well as a more precise cut. WEIGHT: 7.6 OUNCES

Length: 10" (250mm)
Handedness: Left
Type: Tailoring Shears

What is the difference between left and right hand Scissors?

With left handed scissors, the blades are the other way round (the half that comes up when you open them is on the left), so that when cutting the blades are pushed together instead of apart like what would happen if a leftie used right-handed scissors. also, if the scissors have angled grips so your fingers are more comfortable and slide in better, those are the other way around as well (as your fingers are coming in from the other side.