• Designed to meet Universal Reach requirements for use in a seated or standing position with two height positions, easy to access electrical controls, and two hot iron storage areas.
  • Easily pivot the ironing board left or right 90° for a full 180° swivel capability, giving you access to all points of the board. The swivel mechanism is constructed of heavy-duty extruded aluminum, providing rigid support and stability.
  • UL listed electric ironing center with easy to access electrical controls within reach on right side of cabinet. Direct electric hook-up brings an added layer of safety and convenience. Features include an outlet, timer, spotlight, and a host of safety features allowing you to keep the iron plugged in at all times.
  • Easily store your iron hot in one of TWO convenient storage areas, located at the top and base of the cabinet.
  • Pre-finished Flat White door with white melamine coating, hinged on the left side. Not a paintable surface.
  • Easily switch from a seated or standing positions with 2 height positions to choose from.
  • Features a deluxe length 42" ironing board, complete with cover and padding.
  • Ironing center can be recessed between studs, protruding just 3 7/8" into the room, or mounted directly on a wall, protruding 7 3/4" into the room. See installation manual for more details.
  • Cabinet exterior is unfinished and ready to be painted or stained to match existing décor.
The UD-42 is a specialty built-in ironing center designed to be used in a seated or standing position and meets Universal Design Reach requirements. From the 180-degree adjustable swivel to the right-side placement of the electric channel, every feature inside this model was crafted with this dual use in mind. Easily power the unit with the flip of a switch and reach for your iron in one of two convenient hot iron storage locations – one at the bottom of the cabinet and one near the top. The adjustment feature allows you to easily switch from a seated to standing position, and the heavy-duty swivel allows the 42-inch metal ironing board to pivot effortlessly 90 degrees in either direction. This ADA compliant, built-in ironing center is an ideal choice for those needing flexibility in the use and height of their ironing board. Door style is a Flat White, which is a pre-finished flat door with a white melamine coating. Cabinet interior is finished in cool grey. Exterior is unfinished

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