• Easily pivot the ironing board left or right 90° for a full 180° swivel capability, giving you access to all points of the board. The swivel mechanism is constructed of heavy-duty extruded aluminum, providing rigid support and stability.
  • The UL listed ironing center adds an extra layer of safety and convenience to your everyday ironing. Features include an outlet, timer, spotlight, and a host of safety features allowing you to keep the iron plugged in at all times, ready for a quick touch-up!
  • Updated to accommodate most modern irons on the market today, the premium size storage shelf is reinforced with a high quality heat shield allowing you to store the iron HOT!
  • Pre-finished door with coating, hinged on the right or left side. Not a paintable surface.
  • Designed for a multiple users, the height adjustment feature provides two ironing height positions to choose from.
  • Features a deluxe length 42" ironing board, complete with cover and padding.
  • Ironing center can be recessed between studs, protruding just 3 7/8" into the room, or mounted directly on a wall, protruding 7 3/4" into the room. See installation manual for more details.
  • Cabinet exterior is unfinished and ready to be painted or stained to match existing décor.
  • Deluxe features also include a cord wrap to neatly store unneeded lengths of cord, a garment bar for finished pieces, and two storage shelves within the cabinet.

    *Door Dimensions

    52" x 15" x 3/4"

    [Click To Download Installtion Instructions]
Providing flexibility in installation and use, the model AE-42 built-in ironing center combines the freedom of an adjustable swivel ironing board with the convenience of premium electrical features. The spring-activated adjustable swivel pivots the ironing board 90 degrees left or right for a full 180-degree turn, with five locking positions. Choose from one of two adjustment positions to accommodate multiple users. It’s 42-inch ventilated metal ironing board creates an evenly heated surface, perfect for steaming out those tough wrinkles. Electrical features include a built-in outlet, 60-minute motor timer, spotlight, and a safety disconnect which allows the iron to remain plugged in at all times, ready for the next use. Safely set the iron aside while adjusting or reaching for a new garment with the hot iron rest feature. When finished, the iron can be stored hot inside the premium hot iron storage area, designed to fit most modern irons on the market today. With these features and more, it is easy to see why the AE-42 is one of our most requested models!

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icon Hot iron rest

icon Board up



icon Cord wrap.

icon Electrical features on.

icon Timer knob

icon Garment bar

icon Placing hot iron in hot iron storage

icon Plugging cord in

icon Removing iron from hot iron rest

icon Safety disconnect switch

icon Wrapping cord.