This foot has clear plastic bias tape guide. By adjusting this guide, users can sew various width bias tape –from ¼” to ¾” (5mm to 20mm). Easily attach folded binding with this bias binder foot.

An easy way to add bias tape trim to finish an edge; a great construction method for reversible garments. Or create frog closures, button loops, ties. The cone on this foot wraps the bias tape (pre-folded or not) around the fabric edge.

adjustable bias binder presser foot - how to video

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Fold & Go Quilted Car Tote using Brother Adjustable Bias Binder Foot from

A bias-binder foot with an adjustable width from 1/4" to 3/4".

Can fit Baby Lock models B15, B17, B21, BL16, BL22, BL37, BL1550, BL1556, BL2160, BL6150, BL6200, BL6300, BL6600, BL6700, BL6800, BL7800, BLCC, BLDC, BLG, BLL, BLN, BLQC, BLR, BLR2, BLSO, BLSR, ESE, ESE2, ESG, ESG2, ESG3, ESI, ESI2, ESL, ESN, ESP and INT.

Can fit Brother models ES-2000, ES-4000, LB6770 PRW, Quattro 6000D, NV4500D, NV4000D, NV2500D, NV1500D, NV1200, NV1000, NX200, NX250, NX400, NX450, NX600, NX650, PC210, PC210PRW, PC420, PC420PRW, PC6500, PC8200, PC8500, PS3700, QC1000, SE-350, SE270D, ULT2001, ULT2002D and ULT2003D.

For Use With: CS5055PRW, CS6000i, CS770, DreamWeaver™ VQ3000, DreamWeaver™ XE VM6200D, HE-240, HS2000, HS-3000, Innov-ís 1250D, Innov-ís 1500D, Innov-ís 2800D, Innov-ís 950D, Laura Ashley Innov-is NX800, LB6800, LB6800PRW, NX250, NX450Q, PC-210, PC-420, SE400, Simplicity SB3129, Simplicity SB700T, SQ9000, XR7700, XR9500PRW, CE7070PRW, CP6500, CP7500, HS2500, Quattro® 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís 6750D, SC9500, Simplicity SB4138, Simplicity SB530T, Simplicity SB7500, PC420PRW, PC210PRW, VX1435, ES2000, SE425, Designio DZ2400, Designio DZ3000, Laura Ashley® PC660LA, LB6800THRD, SQ9185, Designio DZ2750, Laura Ashley® CX155LA, DreamCreator™ VQ2400, BX2925PRW, The Dream Machine XV8500D, Innov-is 990D, Innov-is NQ3500D, Innov-is NQ700PRW, Innov-is NQ900PRW, Innov-is NQ1300PRW, Designio DZ3400, SM8270, CE4400, NQ1300, CX205LA, XR1355, XS3109, HC1850, CX310LA, SC3000, Simplicity SB8000, XR6060, XR4040 BX2925PRW, CE1100PRW, CE4400, CE-5000/5000PRW, CE-5500/5500PRW/5500T, CE7070PRW, CE8080/CE8080PRW, CE8100, CP-6500, CP-7500, CS-100T/4000/5000H, CS5055PRW, CS-6000/6000b/6000t/6000i, CS8800PRW, CS9100, CX155LA, CX205LA, CX310LA, DZ2400, DZ2750, DZ3000, DZ3400, ES-2000/2000T, HC1850, HE-240, HS-2000, HS-2500, HS-3000, Innov-is 1000, Innov-is 1200, Innov-is 1250D, Innov-is 1500D/1500, Innov-is 2500D, Innov-is 2800D, Innov-is 40, Innov-is 4000D/4000, Innov-is 40e, Innov-is 4500D, Innov-is 4750D, Innov-is 5000, Innov-is 6000D, Innov-is 6700D, Innov-is 6750D, Innov-is 80, Innov-is 85e, Innov-is 900D, Innov-is 950D, Innov-is 990D, Innov-is NQ1300PRW/ Innov-is NQ1300, Innov-is NQ3500D, Innov-is NQ700PRW/ Innov-is NQ700, Innov-is NQ900PRW/ Innov-is NQ900, Innov-is VM5100, Innov-is VM6200D, Innov-is VQ2400, Innov-is VQ3000, Innov-is XV8500D, LB6770/6770PRW, LB-6800, NX-200, NX-2000, NX-250, NX-400Q/400, NX-450/450Q, NX570Q, NX-600, NX-650Q, NX-800, PC-210/210PRW, PC-420/420PRW, PC660LA, PS-3100/3700, QC-1000, SB4138, SB530T, SB7500, SB8000, SC3000, SC6600, SC9500, SE1800, SE-350, SE-400, SE425, SM8270, SQ-9000, SQ9050, SQ9185, XR1300, XR1355, XR3140, XR4040, XR6060, XR-7700, XR-9000, XR9500PRW, XS3109
Fits the following models of Brother....

320, 360, 451, 461, 661, 681, 741, 751, 761, 845, 1681, 7029, BC-1000, CE-4000

CS Series
CS100T, CS6000, CS6000i, CS6000T, CS8060, CS8100, CS8150, CS8200

Duetta 4500D

ES, EX Series
ES-2000, EX-660,

Innov-is Series
Innov-is 40, Innov-is 80, Innov-is 1000, Innov-is 1500D, Innov-is 2500D, Innov-is 4000D

LS Series
LS1217, LS1520, LS2125, LS2720, LS2725, LS2820, LS2825, LS2920

NX Series
NX-200, NX-250, NX-400, NX-400Q, NX-450, NX-450Q, NX-600

NV Series
NV500D, NV1000, NV1200, NV1500D, NV2500D, NV4000D

PC Series
PC-210, PC210PRW, PC-420, PC420PRW, PC2800, PC3000, PC5000, PC6000, PC6500, PC7000, PC7500, PC8000, PC8200, PC8500, PC8895

PS Series
PS21, PS1000, PS1200, PS1250, PS1700, PS1750, PS1800, PS1900, PS1950, PS2100, PS2200, PS2300, PS2500, PS3700

PX Series
PX100, PX150, PX200, PX300


RS Series
RS15, RS25, RS35


ULT Series
ULT2001, ULT2002, ULT2003

XL Series
XL711, XL781, XL791, XL851, XL1351, XL1561, XL1781, XL2010, XL2015, XL2021, XL2022, XL2025, XL2030, XL-2230, XL-2600, XL-2600i, XL-2610, XL3010, XL3022, XL3025, XL3027, XL3030, XL-3100, XL3200, XL-3500, XL-3500T, XL-3510, XL4010, XL4020, XL4030, XL4040, XL4050, XL4060, XL5010, XL5011, XL5012, XL5020, XL5021, XL5022, XL5030, XL5031, XL5032, XL5050, XL5060, XL5070, XL5100, XL5130, XL5200, XL5232, XL5300, XL5340, XL5500, XL5600, XL5700, XL6040, XL6050, XL6060, XL6452, XL6552, XL6562

XR Series
XR23, XR29, XR31, XR33, XR34, XR35, XR37, XR40, XR46, XR-46C, XR-65T

VX Series
VX520, VX540, VX560, VX620, VX640, VX660, VX707, VX710, VX760, VX780, VX800, VX807, VX809, VX810, VX880, VX890, VX920, VX940, VX950, VX970, VX980, VX1010, VX1020, VX1100, VX1120, VX1125, VX1140, VX1200
Other Images

icon Brother SA198 Adjustable Snap On Bias Binder Foot, from 1/4” to 3/4” (5mm to 20mm)

icon Brother SA198 Adjustable Bias Binder Foot

icon Adjustable from 1/4” to 3/4” (5mm to 20mm)

icon Did you know we feature a 'foot of the month' on Stitching Sewcial every month? This month we are featuring the Adjustable Binder Foot. This foot makes quick work of binding edges with various widths of bias tape or folded tape cut on the straight grain. Simply feed your tape into the clear guide and you are on your way to easy and accurate application of tapes and trimmings for your next project. The adjustable binder foot is featured this month for help in constructing a quilted car organizer. This handy tote hangs from the seat back and is easily transferred from your everyday car to your rental for vacation time or work trips. Be sure to check out our blog at

icon Fold & Go Quilted Car Tote – Adjustable Bias Binder Foot