Roll-out serger storage shelf. High quality locking casters. Open dimensions 47L x 35.5W x 29.75H inches. Closed dimensions 47L x 16.5W x 29.75H inches. Shipping weight 86 pounds.

  • Fold out melamine table with 1 in. gridded surface
  • Roll-out serger storage shelf
  • High quality locking casters
  • Open dimensions 47L x 35.5W x 29.75H in.
  • Closed dimensions 47L x 16.5W x 29.75H in.

    The Quilter's Design Table is a fold out table with a 1" gridded surface, roll-out serger storage shelf and smooth-rolling, lockable casters.

    Plus, all edges are beveled to avoid snag on fabric, the entire cabinet glides closed for easy storage. Sturdy shelve perfect for thread, notions, storage boxes, books, cutting mats and more. One Quilter's Table included in box
  • US Warranty All parts will be received in good condition, and replacements are available upon receipt for any defective or missing parts.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor

EXTENDED: 47" L x 35.5" W x 29.75" H

FOLDED: 47" L x 16.5" W x 29.75 H

WEIGHT: 87 lbs

52" x 19" x 9"

Sullivans Quilter’s Table Instructions

Sullivans Quilter’s Table Measurements

Sullivans Quilter’s Table Replacement Parts Information
Other Images

icon Front View Closed

icon Side View with Quilters Extension Table Closed

icon Side View with Quilters Table Extension Open

icon Sullivans 38434 Dual Sewing Machine Cabinet & Cutting Table 47x35x30" Extended.

Audrey D, San Antonio TX
Cabinet drawers and shelves are very small. Assembly was very difficult and instructions were vague in some instances.

Karen A, Longmont CO
This unit was shipped and arrived promptly. I was concerned with the condition of the cabinet since the box was pretty torn up and damaged. This is a 90+lb item, so kinda expected that. HOWEVER...the packing materials used to enclose the cabinet for shipping were VERY heavy duty, and the cabinet pieces were all in tact with no damage. There were some scratches on one of the panels due to some metal pieces which were packed against the white wood panels without a protective material to prevent the pieces to rub on each other during shipping, but fortunately the damage is on the 'inside' of the cabinet once assembled. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase!

Jane J, Cottonwood Heights UT
Good afternoon Barbara, You are a saint. Thank you so much for promptly responding to all my emails giving me status reports on my Sullivans 38434 Quilters Table/Sewing Cabinet, a Christmas gift grim my wonderful, loving husband of 48 years TODAY! So I guess I'll consider this a Christmas/Wedding Anniversary gift from him. I've desired and shopped models and prices of sewing cabinets for a very long time using a computer desk till I was fortunate enough to receive one. I literally stumbled upon this one while shopping online for family Christmas gifts and found it exactly what I needed in a cabinet at an affordable cost. When I received and read your email Monday while sitting on our living room recliner I liked out or foyer window and saw it resting against our porch rocker. I was ecstatic. I'm scheduled for surgery on my right shoulder March 30th and will be confined to a sling for 6 weeks; however I'll do some arm twisting to get someone in my family to assemble it. Thanks again and feel free to print and share this message with your management telling them you deserve a raise!! Jane J.

Jane J, Cottonwood Heights UT
Barbara, thank you so much. You've been wonderful and deserve a raise. Thanks for keeping me posted. Some things are just simply worth waiting for. Jane

Jane J, Cottonwood Heights UT
I still want the Sullivans 38434 Dual Sewing Machine Cabinet & Cutting Table which is on backorder until mid to late February. I'm still trying to box up Christmas and have other to do tasks around the house so February will be fine. It's my husband's Christmas gift to me and our 48th wedding anniversary is in March. I can refer to it as his Christmas/Anniversary gift to me. I want to thank you and convey my appreciation for your continued followup and notification of the status of my order. The customer service you are providing is extremely rare and extremely unusual to receive updates when unexpected without jumping numerous hurdles before finally getting one simple question answered. Before I retired I served as a project manager for a software developer for new customers and always prided myself for keeping our new customers informed and updated so I know it takes focus and commitment to perform your job. Thanks again and I'll look forward to when I am informed of its shipment. Jane J

Kelsey, MD
Nothing fits together correctly! It wobbles and is not secure. It can not even be used!

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