*Standard Polyester retains color through multiple washes, Rayon has slightly more sheen, but does not retain color vibrancy in the wash. Polyester is best used on any garment, and is the best all around choice. Use Rayon on items which do not get washed.

  • WOW 24 Spools of Robison Anton's best Polyester Embroidery Thread - Assorted Colors in 1100 Yard mini cone spools.
  • The colors may be different from the picture.
Polyester Kit Colors: Catalog 4924918
58001- Snow White
58002- Black
58003- Burgundy
58005- Pink
58012- Beige
58015- Red
58038- Goldenrod
58049- Evergreen
58052- Cinder
58053- Royal
58055- Dk Tex Orang
58057- Kelly
58058- Blue
58077- Ruby Glint
58080- Sand Dune
58086- Tulip
58091- Flesh Pink
58092- Ultra Blue
58096- Saturn Gray
58097- Ivory
58214- Daffodil
58215- Lemon
58232- Date
58247- Dp Purpl

Rayon Kit Colors: Catalog 4724983
35907- Black
82297- Snow White
82210- Royal
82220- Blue
82223- Pink
82224- Beige
82240- Kelly
82242- Goldenrod
82249- Burgundy
82253- Flesh Pink
82261- Ruby Glint
82286- Tulip
82290- Date
82315- Evergreen
82325- Lemon
82326- Daffodil
82335- Ivory
82378- Red
82381- Dark Purple
82404- Cinder
82433- Ultra Blue
82469- Dk Tex Orang
82477- Sand Dune
82485- Saturn Gray

Robison-Anton Complete Super Brite® Polyester Color Chart

JoAnn Muegge, Oshkosh WI
I was trying to find just spools of Robison-Anton thread, unable to, however the thread I did purchase is just what I needed.

Kendra, Texas
Allrands offers the best online deals.

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Great company to order from.

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The price was very reasonable and the product is outstanding. This was my second purchase from AllBrands. Keep up the good work!!

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I'm a new embroiderer/quilter and enjoy "surfing"your site. I have a lot to learn and feel that you are helping me with that.Thx Bill McClure

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I am greatly pleased with the transactions.