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Taitexma Metal Bed TH160 Single Bed Home Knitting Machine, Manual Patterning

Easy operation and fast knitting speed makes user finish the panel swiftly. Suitable for home-based basic knitter.

*Similar to Silver Reed SK160 6.5mm gauge manual knitting machine which is no longer being made. Note: Taitexma TR160 6mm gauge ribbers are NOT interchangeable with Silver Reed SR860 6.5mm gauge ribbers that are also no longer available.

Styled after Brother KH-230 9mm gauge Bulky but it
is a true 6 mm mid-gauge knitting machine. Get
yours ordered today!

Review and Videos of Taitexma TH160/TR260 by Dayana Knits, MACHINE KNITTING ADVENTURE! MY NEW TAITEXMA TH-160
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
With a 6mm needle pitch, the TH160 is designed to work with all the yarns typically used by hand knitters. By knitting yarns that fall in the top range for a standard gauge machine and in the lower range for a chunky machine, this machine can deliver the best of both worlds.

1.Gauge: 6mm(4G)
2.Number of needles: 164 pcs (4 extras)

  • Instruction Manual
  • 4 replacement needles
  • Tools
  • Weights

  • Normal stitches: 60 stitches wide x 150 rows
  • Maximum stitches: 160 stitches wide x 1624 rows
  • Weight: 15.5 kgs net weight
  • Stitch types include built-in stockinet and stripes, with manual fair isle, tuck, slip, punch lace, weaving, and motif stitches

Included Accessories
The main bed machine includes cast on combs, claw weights, latch tool, transfer tools, spare needles, needle pusher, cast-on thread, oil, wax, and tapestry needle.

Other Images

icon Taitexma TH160 160 Needle 6mm* Mid Gauge Metal Bed Knitting Machine with Built In Intarsia

icon Hi John, We recently ran into an issue and I thought I'd share our solution with you. 2 knitters reported that they had to manually push back needle #10 on the main bed. I discovered that the #10 needle needs to be shorter than the others. Sometimes, it can bump into the bracket that supports the tension mast. I hope you don't run into this problem, but I thought I'd share what we discovered. With a regular length needle inserted, you can see the issue

icon I'm grinding down a few needles to send to my customers with the issue and will keep some on hand. Compare the "regular" length and the shorter version called a surrender needle. This has actually not been an issue in all the years I’ve been bringing in the 160’s. The only reason that I actually became aware of the situation is that a couple of machines from the last batch had a regular length needle installed where what TAITEXMA refers to as the surrender needle goes. That needle is directly opposite the brace for the yarn tension unit. The only fix would be a total redesign of the machine. The back case would need to be elongated and the brace moved farther back. TAITEXMA is going to send me some extra surrender needles in the next shipment. Now that I am aware of the issue I can check the machines before they are shipped out. Taitexma

As to the quality of Taitexma machines the facts speak for themselves. Not one Taitexma machine sold in the U.S. this year (2012) has been returned for a needed repair. The Rhode Island School of Design has been offering knitting machine classes for many years utilizing many different makes and models. They purchased 6 TH-860 standard gauge punchcard machines and 6 TR-850 ribbing attachments last year. They are evidently quite satisfied by both the quality and performance of these machines as they recently placed an order for 10 more units with ribbing attachments. ~Distributor of Taitexma Knitting Machines
Metal bed for durability
164 needles
Build-in Intarsia (no extra carriage)
Manual, Slip, tuck, partial knitting, thread lace
No punchcard
Ribber included
The machine measures 43 1/2"