Our newest pattern, Parker's Pants, has arrived from the printer and we are really excited about it! It is a pull-on pants pattern that comes in sizes 5-8

Parker’s Pants is a versatile pants pattern for both boys and girls. The pants are slim with a slightly tapered leg and have an elastic waist. Separate patterns are enclosed for Pants, Capris, Long Shorts, and Shorts. Instructions and patterns for a cargo pocket are included which can be added to the Pants, Capris, and Long Shorts. Parker is available is sizes 5-8

Instructions and patterns for five techniques are included for finishing the bottoms of the legs.
View A is a plain hem.
View B has a 1” band topstitched 3/4” up from the bottom of the hem.
View C is a ruffle.
View D is a turned-up casing with elastic that gently gathers the bottom of the leg. View E has a casing sewn into the inside bottom of the leg for a bias tube that exits through buttonholes and ties on the outside of the leg.

Views are available as following:
Pants: Views A, B, C, D, E
Capris: Views A, B, C, D, E
Long Shorts: View A only
Shorts: Views A and C
We recommend View A of the Pants and the Long Shorts for boys.
Difficulty: Easy

Parker's Pants is a pattern for long pants, capris, long shorts, and shorts all in one package. These pull-on pants have an elasticized waist and are suitable for both boys and girls.

The views for pants and capris are: plain, banded, ruffled, elastic leg bottoms, and casings with ties on leg bottoms. The long shorts are plain, and perfect for boys. The shorter shorts can be plain or ruffled. An optional cargo pocket can fit on the pants, capris, or long shorts.

This pattern is a great companion for any of our tunic tops, and cute with T-shirts, too. So quick, easy, and versatile, this pattern can be used over and over again.

Parker's Pants is available in 5-8. Difficulty * Easy
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