Recharges with available light.
Brighten up special projects.
Endless possibilities.
Green glow.
Top quality.
Description: 120 Denier 2 Ply - Size 40
Needle Size: 11.75
Put-Up: 1 oz. Mini-King Spools (Approx.)
Yardage 500 Yds. (455 Meters)
Standard Carton: 12 Mini-King Spools
Standard Carton Weight: 14 oz.
Standard Carton Dimensions: 2.25 x 5.25 x 7.25 inches
Standard Carton Cube: .05
Colors: Yellow Glow, Peach Glow, Pink Glow, Purple Glow, Lime Glow, Aqua Glow, White Glow, Glow
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icon RA Moonglow RA-MG-YELGL Yellow Glow in the Dark Thread 40wt Spool 500Yds