What is IN THE HOOP?

We've redesigned our original trifold to be stitched in a 6x10 hoop.

The closed finished size of our 6x10 hoop trifold wallet is 5.75" x 4.50".

We included a smaller file for the Viking's Designer 150x240 hoop.
The closed finished size of the 150x240 trifold wallet is smaller.

Design Info
Actual design file dimensions
6x10 hoop
  • 6" x 9.12"
Other Images

icon It features stipple quilting on the flap, outside and zippered pocket. There are 4 credit card slots.

icon The quilted zippered pocket can hold folded cash. The pocket is fully lined and has no exposed seams inside.

icon The flap is made first in the hoop, then it's stitched on while the wallet is being made.