"Automatically size your designs to fit virtually all hoop sizes and even create custom hoop sizes" Brother manual.

If you are overseas order Brother SABESSA DOWNLOAD CODE version of Simply Applique Creative Embroidery Software, Resize, Save, 206 Applique Designs+12 Fonts, 131 Embroideries +8 Fonts

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Pacesetter Simply Applique Instruction Manual

or Copy Paste https://www.brother-usa.com/home/sewing-embroidery/design-and-lettering-software/simply-applique-monogramming-spotlight

Simply Applique is a dedicated stand alone applique software, designed for applique enthusiasts, quilters and others interested in creating appliques with fabric. The number displayed on the package box appears to be a UPC code. The product serial number to use for registration would look like this: ZXR-*****-*****-** The serial number should be included with the software package. Check the software packaging.

Brother stopped making the CD's for this software. Now, they only make it as an activation code.
A lot of CD software is being discontinued these days and switching to codes. Brother only allows the activation code to work on one computer. So, if you are needing the software also on your desktop, you would have to purchase a second copy.

Simply Appliqué is our 1st dedicated stand along appliqué software for all embroidery machines. Whether you’re an appliqué enthusiast, quilter or embroiderer, you’ll love how easy it is to create custom appliqués. Use the built-in appliqué and embroidery designs, merge your own designs, and get professional results with the range of exceptional editing capabilities!

  • 206+ built-in appliqué images, 12 applique fonts
  • Embellish appliqués with the 130+ built-in embroidery accent designs and 8 embroidery fonts
  • Exceptional editing capabilities
  • Size and save appliqué files
  • Merge designs from other sources with the built-in images, designs and fonts
  • ScanNCut compatible – Design, embroider, and precision-cut your appliqués
  • For use with: Most brands of embroidery machines and software, ScanNCut/ScanNCut2

  • Resize and save applique files
  • Compatible with most brands of embroidery machines and software
  • PC Compatible
  • 206+ Applique Designs
  • 12+ Applique Fonts
  • 131+ Embroidery Accent Designs
  • 8 Built-in Embroidery Fonts

    Design Customizing and Editing
  • Merge your own imported designs with the built-in lettering
  • Exceptional editing capabilities and individual lettering colors
  • Split letter embroidery
  • Remove overlap enhancement to eliminate bumps
  • Built-in stitch types for fonts, from satin to pattern-fill
  • Recipes – accommodate different lettering styles and fabrics
  • Garment templates – add background colors
  • Updated Brother 110-color thread chart

    Simply Applique is a dedicated applique software, designed for applique enthusiasts, quilters and others interested in creating appliques with fabric. This unique software allows you to create appliques by merging designs, lettering and applique, and offers a new ScanNCut compatibility for expanded creative options.

    This creative applique software allows you to resize and save applique files, and is compatible with most brands of embroidery machines and software.

    Built-in designs and fonts – Included are 206+ applique designs, 12+ applique fonts, plus 131+ embroidery accents and 8 embroidery fonts.

    Design customizing and editing - Merge your own imported designs with the built-in lettering, create unique split letter embroidery, and get professional results with the range of exceptional editing capabilities. Create and precision cut appliqués with ScanNCut/ScanNCut2

    ScanNCut compatibility – This software offers seamless integration with ScanNCut home and hobby cutting machines. Precision cut appliques with ScanNCut by saving your applique as a cut file, then use your ScanNCut to scan and cut your applique. Plus, enjoy the new ability to convert cut files into applique embroidery files, then embroider the outline designs on your embroidery machine.

    Simply Applique & BES4 Tutorial Videos by Becky Thompson of Power Tools with Thread, 12 videos 3,714 views Last updated on Sep 18, 2022.

  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Brother Pacesetter Simply Applique Instruction Manual

Email Brother HERE for Embroidery Software Support or call 1-877-BROTHER (877-276-8437) M-F at 9am to 6pm Eastern Time. We are experiencing an unusually high volume of customer contacts. Know that our team members are at your side and thank you for your patience as you may experience increased response times of 1 to 3 business days.

Brother Brochure on Simply Applique Software

File Format
  • Save designs in multiple formats: BRF, BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF
  • Import and export cut files: FCM and SVG files
  • Import and save in file formats: PES, SEW, JEF, BRF, HUS, PCS, SHV, VIP, VP3, DST, EXP and PCM

    ScanNCut Compatible
  • Precision cut your appliques with the ScanNCut home and hobby cutting machine
  • Convert cut files into applique embroidery files

    Minimum PC Requirements
  • Computer: IBM PC or compatible computer, not Google/Chrome book!
  • Operation System: Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8 or Windows® 10 & 11
  • Processor: Genuine Intel Pentium IV 2GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1 gigabyte of RAM
  • Hard disk free space: Minimum 1 gigabyte
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768 video resolution with 16-bit color or higher
  • Mouse: Required for operating software
  • Internet Access: Required to activate the license

    Brother B2B2016 Simply Appliqué Software. Discover all the eXtraordinary things you can do with Simply Appliqué Software and learn about everything new from Brother for 2017 here:

    Simply Appliqué - Scan N Cut FCM to Applique.

    Using Simply Applique with Brother ScanNCut
    I used Simply Applique software that I bought from Allbrands.com to create a machine embroidery applique from an image I found on Google. As promised, font is Follow Directions. Applique Properties I changed are: Width 3.8, Inset 85.0, Tackdown Offset -1.8. All other setting stay as default. Be sure to use your scraps to test! Becky Thompson, Power Tools with Thread.
Other Images

icon Simply Applique is a dedicated applique software, designed for applique enthusiasts, quilters and others interested in creating appliques with fabric. This unique software allows you to create appliques by merging designs, lettering and applique, and offers a new ScanNCut compatibility for expanded creative options. This creative applique software allows you to resize and save applique files, and is compatible with most brands of embroidery machines and software.

icon 206 Built-In Applique Images and 12 Applique Fonts

icon Reasons to Love Simply Appliqué Includes 12 appliqué fonts and 206 appliqué designs Built-in embroidery accent designs and fonts Merge your own designs from a variety of formats Precision cut with ScanNCut/ScanNCut 2[1] Create appliqués from ScanNCut designs Expansive editing capabilities Garment templates 110-color thread chart Fit-to-hoop and custom hoop size capability Save work in a variety of file types Compatible with most brand machines Easy to use

icon The Software You've Been Waiting For Here is the software you have been waiting for! Make superb custom appliqués from a huge selection of exceptional designs and creative options. You will love the way Simply Appliqué fully integrates with the ScanNCut and ScanNCut2 so you can easily cut out your appliqués with ultimate precision.

icon Your Designs. Your Format. More Fonts, Designs & Accents Expand your creative horizons with added built-in essentials: 12 appliqué fonts, 206 appliqué designs; 131 embroidery accent designs; 9 embroidery fonts; and 76 split letters.

icon 9 Built-in Embroidery Fonts 76 Split Letters

icon Merge your own designs from a variety of formats with the built-in lettering, accent designs and appliqué designs

icon Precision Cut Your Appliqués with ScanNCut/ScanNCut2. Create appliqués files from native ScanNCut cut files such as .FCM or .SVG formats. Save appliqué designs as .FCM files to be used as cut data in your ScanNCut machine to then cut out as precise appliqué pieces.

icon Remove Overlap Eliminate bumps in your work with the "Remove Overlap" feature.

icon Change Stitch Patterns Change the stitch patterns of the built-in lettering to allow larger letters than the parameters suggests. Manually adjust the individual lettering characteristics.

icon Color individual letters Just simply click the multi-colored lettering button to change the color of each letter.

icon Draw your own shapes You can also draw your own shapes or draw around embroidery designs to create appliqués.

icon Garment Templates & Brother 110-Color Thread Chart Get a realistic preview of every color-customized design. Our garment templates let you choose from the Brother 110 built-in thread colors, built-in fabrics, or import your own.

icon 110-Color Thread Chart The thread chart includes the updated Brother 110-color thread chart.

icon Fit-to-Hoop/Custom Hoop Sizes Capability Your designs can be automatically sized to fit virtually all hoop sizes. Ability to create custom hoop sizes keeps your software up-to-date. Automatically size your designs to fit virtually all hoop sizes and even create custom hoop sizes. Your software stays up-to-date and ready to create.

icon Save Your Work in a Variety of File Formats Save your work as a BRF file, the native format, as well as in your machine format so that you can return later and finish any necessary editing or complete the design. Save your work in a variety of file types, including the native format: BRF, or in your machine format so you can return to finish editing and designing at a later time. You can even choose another embroidery machine brand; our software is compatible with most.

icon Compatible With Most Brands Simply Appliqué is compatible with most brands of embroidery machines and software.

icon ScanNCut Compatible Precision cut your appliques with the ScanNCut home and hobby cutting machine Save your applique as a cut file (FCM or SVG), then use your ScanNCut to scan and cut your applique

icon Convert cut files into applique embroidery files Import your FCM file, save it as an embroidery design file (PES or PHC), then embroider it!

Becky Thompson 10:31 AM (1 hour ago) to Barbara, me Here's what they were saying about the Simply Applique download. I'm happy to re-word the instructions with screen shots for you. Also, this software will NOT work on a Google Chrome Book. Charlene Arthur Hockenberry January 18 at 11:39 AM · So frustrated and sad that I can't get Simply Applique to download. I was so very excited to be able to do things like Becky does. I called the number provided to Brother Customer Service, no help, chatted with Allbrands [...]. Karen Schwieger Are you using a pc or Mac? Like Reply2d Charlene Arthur Hockenberry Author Karen Schwieger I am using a pc. When I hit the submit button the email address I entered in the required field deletes and then nothing happens. I am under the free version. Like Reply2d Sheila Fruge Charlene Arthur Hockenberry I had this same problem. I had to move my cursor to just the right spot on the submit area and it went through . You should be able to chat with tech support while you’re doing it . It took me a bunch of tries before it worked Like Reply10h Myra Haws Karen Schwieger hope you don't have a Google computer. Lots of stuff won't work on those. My sister had a Google computer and her scan n cut would not work on it she had to get a windows computer. Like Reply2d Power Tools With Thread Admin Myra Haws That's because the Google computer isn't really a computer. It's a giant web browser that allows you to do things online and work in apps that are hosted online. It will not work with apps that need to download to a computer and work locally on a machine even if you are not on the internet. Like ReplyCommented on by Becky Thompson 1m Reply to Myra Haws… Marilyn Morgan There is a way… download the free version and fill out the portions until you get to the registration page for the paid version and there you will be able to put in your serial # and download it… I and many others had trouble too. Don’t know what they… See more 6 Like Reply2d Judy Moen Marilyn Morgan make sure you fill EVERYTHING out including Mrs. or miss,ask me how I know, you must fill everything out before it will accept your information then on your free version you can give it your code Like Reply2d Sandy Townsend I had the same problem, I went to where you download the free version, put in my # and it worked. 2 Like Reply2d Sandy Townsend Serial # 1 Like Reply2d Pamela Graham You download demo then put your number in. Is that what you did? It is standalone and requires an
Does Simply Applique work with ScanNCut?
Simply Applique needs a Windows operating system to work and it will also work on a Mac with Parallels and a Windows OS installed. Simply Applique doesn't "work with the SNC". It works on the computer or laptop (not a tablet or phone) as an independent software application and it uses the .fcm file created by the SNC to then make the embroidery applique files. It will save to all formats for all home embroidery machines. All models of the SNC, regardless of whether they are the older CM models or the SDX models create the .fcm file which can then be imported into Simply Applique on the user's computer. Becky Thompson, Power Tools with Thread

How can I order this Brother software without having to pay shipping overseas?
The customer can download the software using the Free Trial section on this page You would then need to email the activation code to the customer from the physical packaging which can be disposed of..

Here is a link to the Instruction Manual:

Here are some helpful resources that I am aware of: Cindy Hogan is the most accurate demonstrator because she is a Brother ambassador and Becky Thompson gives the most tutorials, and is an enthusiast. Both are great online educators with free YouTube videos.

Cindy Hogan:
Follow: https://www.facebook.com/cynthiasembroidery1
Bookmark: https://cynthiasembroidery.com

Becky Thompson from Power Tools with Thread:
Follow: https://powertoolswiththread.com/

Where can I download iBroidery, TrueSizer, Thread Converter, and My Editor?
https://www.ibroidery.com/ - be sure to download the free project of the month.
https://wilcom.com/workspace - be sure to access the free trials of Wilcom digitizing
https://inspiredbydime.sw-update.net/ETSSetup.exe DIME Thread color converter - you will need to register for toolshed with DIME to get access
https://www.wingsxp.com/index.php/my_editor/Registrationm - This is a free, simple embroidery editing trial program
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