Provides great permanent stability to stitch computerized embroidery designs, appliques, and monograms on lightweight knits and wovens.

Sulky Soft ‘n Sheer Cut-Away Embroidery Stabilizer is a textured, permanent stabilizer that has excellent stretch resistance, and it is ultra-soft next to your skin. It gives great stability when stitching embroidery designs, appliqués and monograms on lightweight knits and wovens, and then remains behind the stitches permanently to support the embroidery through washing and wearing.

Sulky Stabilizing-At-A-Glance Chart
With excellent stretch resistance, Soft'n Sheer eliminates pulling or sagging of the embroidery design from the surrounding fabric not only during the stitching process, but through washings and wearings.

Christine, Kentucky
Excellent! I will shop again.