*Needle Size 14 Recommended for sergers, to prevent deflection of needles in fabrics. Alternative Part Numbers Include 714-4103-01A

  • Chrome plate finish
  • Double Grooves, on front and back of needle for high speed
  • Use on older Babylock Sergers made in Japan
  • Use on Simplicity 880 and 890 models by Babylock in Japan
  • Use size 11 for light weight fabrics
  • Use size 14 for medium and heavy weight fabrics

    These needles will fit older models of Babylock Sergers including :

    Babylock : BL202, BL302, BL400, BL402, BL, 430, BL432, BL4-415, BL4-428, BL4-428D, BL4-436, BL4-436D, BL4-714, BL4-728D, BL4-736D, BL4-738D, BL4-838D, BL5040, BL5040L, BL5180, BL5260D, BL5280ED, BL5370ED, BL5380ED, BLSE200, ST600L

    Simplicity : SL850, SL880
for Older Model Babylock BL80-5380D, Pfaff 603, and Simplicity SL600-890 Overlock Serger Machines

Compatible with Babylock Serger Models:

BL80, BL90, BL3200, BL3-318, BL3-407, BL3-408, BL3-416, BL3-418, BL4-428, BL4-428D, BL4-428NS, BL4-436, BL4-714, BL4-728, BL4-728D, BL4-736, BL4-738, BL4-738D, BL4-738 (NS), BL5180, BL5260, BL5260D, BL5280E, BL5280ED, BL5280E (NS), BL5360ED, BL5380ED, BL4-838D, DBL34-60 & BL3-426.

Compatible with Pfaff Serger Models:

Compatible with Simplicity Serger Models:
SL600, SL660, SL700 & SL800.