Organ ELx705 are Chrome finish although the word Chrome or letters CF are not on the package.
Many Organ needles are Chrome finish which you can tell by their very shiny appearance.

This is an ELX705 needle with a regular point. The ELX705 needle system is specially designed for cover stitch machines. This needle has a long grove on both the front and back as well as a slightly larger scarf and a light ball point. The chrome finish (CF) reduces heat and wear and aids in slipping through the fabric. Consult your manual for the proper needle selection for your brand and model number. 100 needles per box.

Organ SY2922:
  • Home Serger Double Groove Needles (front and back)
  • Chrome Plate Finish
  • Bulk 100 Count of Needles
  • Sizes: #11/75, #12/80, and #14/90
  • These needles are like the Schmetz ELx705 needles.

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    Needle Comparison Chart
When we originally started selling these ELX705 needles, the "standard" in the trade was "BALL POINT " Only.The BALL POINT version was the only point style we supplied whether customers requested
Ball Point or not. During the past two years there have been increased requests for "REGULAR / Sharp POINT "version of ELx705 (SY2922). We now stock ELx705 (SY2922) both Regular Point and Ball Point .
They are available is sizes #11/75, #12/80, and #14/90 both Regular or Ball Points. Diamond Organ Co.
The Organ ELx705(SY2922/2022) is automatically a Ball Point and Organs standard Ball Point is SUK(Medium Ball Point). In this case this is the only Ball Point that Organ makes. As a general rule if an Organ needle shows BP on the label/chip/box with no other designation then it is a SUK Ball Point. Any other Ball Point that is not SUK would be labeled SES(Thin Ball Point), SKU(Heavy Ball Point) etc. As I’m sure you know SUK is a Medium Ball Point and SES is a Thin Ball Point
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