*Size 14 Recommended, Chrome resists heat and friction, As the needle penetrates the fabric, there is less resistance. The Chrome finish also means there is less friction on the thread as it moves through the eye. The Chrome finish is an important feature when using fast stitching machines such as the serger. Slightly rounded point.

Schmetz ELx705CF Chrome Finish needles are comparable to Organ HAx1SP, 15x1SP Serger needles that come with most overlock sergers, all made in Asia. Size 14 Recommended. ELx705CF replaces JLx2 Needles for Cover Stitch special applications.

Same Serger Needle System as Organ HAx1SP, SY2922, Singer2022. For Babylock, Bernina, Brother, Elna, Janome, Sears, Juki, Pfaff, Viking, and White Sergers. Also for Chainstitch and Cover Hem Stitch Machines.

This needle is made specifically for serging, chain stitching and cover stitching. It has 2 grooves front and back, a slightly longer scarf in back and a ball point for knits. If your serger calls for a 15x1 needle and is breaking threads, the longer scarf on this needle may solve your problem.

  • Bulk 100 Box of Needles
  • Size 14 Recommended
  • Regular Needle Modified by Schmetz for Serger use
  • Has a longer scarf than regular needles
  • Developed by Schmetz for Elna but found best on all sergers that use regular needles.

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    New announcement from Schmetz below! You will know they are chrome needles because it will be listed on the package. Coming late 2021!

    Schmetz 2021 Chrome Announcement

Recently there's been a lot of talk about the SCHMETZ ELX705CF Needle. What makes this needle so special? The chrome finish (CF) reduces heat and wear and aids in slipping through the fabric. This needle has a regular point. The ELX705 needle system is specially designed for cover stitch machines. The needle has a long groove on both the front and back as well as a slightly larger scarf and a light ball point. Your machine should specify the ELX705 system. Please consult your manual for the proper needle selection for your brand and model number.

ELX705CF is available in size 90
Available as a Loose Pack Bulk.

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