Tutorial: how to do bobbinwork with BERNINA. Published on Aug 18, 2014
If you want to use yarn, decorative thread, wool or ribbons as your under-thread, you can do so with the help of a bobbinwork bobbin case. This enables your BERNINA sewing machine to use threads or yarns that cannot be threaded through the needle. Depending on the model, you should use either a special bobbin case or an adapted standard bobbin case. Our video tutorial shows you how you can find the right case for your BERNINA machine, how to spool your desired yarn and achieve great effects with it.
Lots of useful tips make it easier for you to use the accessories and illustrate what to look out for when using this technique. As a result, even free-motion embroidery is possible using the BERNINA stitch regulator (BSR). Our video will show you how. You can of course also use decorative stitches with this technique to create your ideal textiles with decorative yarn or ribbons. Bobbinwork opens up a wide range of possibilities for ambitious seamstresses.
You can find more information on other BERNINA creative accessories and the wide range of possible uses on http://www.bernina.com

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Why You Need a Second Bobbin Case
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icon Second Bobbin Case. Many sewing machine manufactures make a speciality bobbin case for bobbinwork. These bobbin cases are not the same bobbin case that came with the sewing machine. They usually are a different color and have a longer screw to adjust the tension setting depending on the thickness of thread. It is NOT recommended to adjust the bobbin case tension of the bobbin case that came with the machine. That bobbin case has been correctly set for sewing thread. Leave it be.

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