Olfa 17" X 24" Folding Cutting Mat. Durable cutting surface. Mat absorbs cuts made by both rotary cutters and art knives (straight utility knife blades). Mat folds flat for easy portability. When flat, fold-line becomes almost invisible. Wavy fold line creates a smooth, gapless surface when laid flat (won't skip threads when cutting directly over fold). Padded, non-slip backing on FCM-12x17 mat ONLY. 2.5mm thickness. FCM-12x17 - Size when open: 12.75 x 18; Size when folded:12.75 x 9.125

Need a cutting mat that's convenient for classes and retreats? Eliminate the hassle of traveling with a rotary cutting mat. A full-size mat opens seamlessly, but folds up for easy storage and transport.
Scalloped fold line provides no seam line when open
Self-healing mat base consists of three layers to prevent wear and tear on cutting blades:
Soft layer
Hard layer
Another soft layer
Non-slip back for stability
Yellow 1/8" hash marks
1" grid lines
Clearly labeled angle lines
30, 45, and 60 degrees
Store mats flat; sensitive to excessive heat
Available in two sizes:
Olfa Folding Cutting Mat 12" x 17" (FCM-12X17)
Outside dimensions:
Open: 12-5/8" x 17-3/4"
Folded: 9" x 12-5/8'
Olfa Folding Cutting Mat 17" x 24" (FCM-12X24)
Outside dimensions:
Open: 17-3/4" x 24-3/8"
Folded: 12-3/8" x 17-3/4"