Premium tool for all your embroidery projects, Press puckers out of embroidered fabrics. Prevents embroidery texture from getting crushed. Absorbs steam to set a perfectly pressed finish. Can be used over and over. Can also be used like a traditional press cloth. Place project right side up on ironing surface and place press cloth over the top of the project. Try using the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth with quilt blocks. The texture of the press cloth is perfect for accommodating bulky seams. Easy to use and easy to maintain the press cloth measures 20 inch square and is the only press cloth you will ever need!
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icon OESD Presscloth Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth 20x20in for Steam Irons and Ironing Presses

Sherry F, Winston GA
My Embroidery Press Cloths just arrived a few hours ago. I saw them on Power Tools with Thread and Becky recommended them. I am looking forward to using it. I also have a couple for gifts.