Q’nique 21" Quilter Ruler Base Accessory

Add this sturdy ruler base when machine quilting on your frame to use quilting rulers, straight-edges and templates. This attaches to your Qnique 21 using a set of high quality magnets, and can be easily placed and removed. The ruler base adds a stable surface around the needle, under the quilt, so you can use templates and rulers in ways that would not be possible on fabric alone.

The ruler base is made of a clear acrylic and is ¼ inch thick, providing stability with a low profile. It comes with a set of four magnets to attach it to the bast of the quilting machine.

Use quilting rulers, guides and templates with your Grace Qnique by adding this ruler base to your quilting machine. It adds a level, sturdy extension to the base of your quilting machine when using a quilting frame. The ruler base is very easy to attach and remove.
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icon Qnique Ruler Base on Machine