The Educational Special is package deal that includes everything listed below. You are able to get a reduced price as we use less packaging and only need to give you 1 set of adapters as they work with all the Creative Feet.

Satinedge Foot
Pearls N Piping Foot
Sequins N Ribbon Foot
Accessory Guide Set
4 Snap on Shank Adapters
Creative Feet Technical Guide & Workbook
Creative Feet Techniques 2 hour instructional DVD

The workbook is like a cookbook for sewing - you don't actually have to learn the techniques because the recipe to accomplish that technique is written down for you to refer to every time you want.

With the Workbook and DVD you'll be able to accomplish 88 different techniques with any sewing machine that can sew using a zigzag stitch!

Creative Feet Educational Special:
  • Includes the 3 Creative Feet, Accessory Guides, Workbook & Video!
  • Each technique has machine settings, needle, and thread information!
  • Written step by step instructions for every technique!
  • 208 pages, 500+ illustrations, 49 chapters
  • Just under 2 hours of video showing over 60 techniques!
3 Creative Feet & Accessory Guides
1 set of 4 shanks
1 Technical Guide & Workbook printed in 3-ring binder
1 Techniques DVD