What is it? Assortment of 8 different needle types. All needles are the long eye type – called EBBR in sizes above 9/65.
Sizes above 9/65 are compatible with all automatic threading systems, including multi-needle.

Why does someone need it? The assortment assures that an embroiderer always has the correct needle for any fabric
or project.

Who would buy it? Dealers buy it to sell to hobbyist embroiderers. Works with all machines – single- and multi-needle
that use flat shank needles.

How do you use it? Use as any other needle, following the recommendations for needle selection in our Needle
Information Sheet.

Contents: 100 needles as follows:
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icon DIME B3662 Truimph EBBR Embroidery Needles Flat Shank Sampler Pack