*Size 11 (or 11BP Ball Point for Knits) Recommended for Embroidery Machines. Interchangeable with Schmetz 130705H-E Embroidery Needles, and Singer Style 2000 Chromium Needles. For all home sewing embroidery machines with flat shank needles.

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Organ Needles are Chrome Plated (Finish).
Organ no longer labels “CF” Chrome Finish or “CP” Chrome Plate because that is the “default” finish for Organ Needles.
The same is true for Groz Beckert & Schmetz as they too don’t label all of their needles “CF” either.
Rest assured that if the needles are not “PD”(titanium), “CS”, “LP”, “HP”(non-stick), they are shiney Chrome by default. Organ

Also For Use With: DreamCreator XE VM5100, DreamWeaver XE VM6200D, LB6770, LB6770 PRW, Quattro 2 6700D, Quattro 3 Trilogy Limited Edition Innov-ís 6750D, Quattro NV6000D, The Dream Machine XV8500D, The Dream Machine 2 XV8550D, Luminaire XP1, Luminaire 2 XP2

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icon The most popular needle, the Universal, has an eye that is 40% the width of the blade. Really! There are three other needles with larger eyes, the Embroidery and even more pronounced is the elongated eye of the Metallic and Topstitch needles. Now what does a larger eye mean? There is less friction on the thread as it passes through the eye. Ever sew with a thread that breaks or tends to shred? Guess what, use a needle with a larger eye. If you have old thread or maybe a poor quality thread, use a needle with a larger eye. The thread and needle work hard and fast. Help them out when you can with a larger eye.

Same as Janome BLUE TIP needles that cost 5USD per pack of 5 needles, so you save 60% by buying in boxes of 100, size 11 generally recommended for embroidery depending on fabric weight.
Schmetz embroidery needles have a larger eye. What is it about the Organ Embroidery needles that makes them better for embroidery?
Our Organ 15x1ST does have a larger eye than the standard 15x1.

I just compared our 15x1 #11 and our 15x1ST #11 and the ST definitely has a larger eye than the 15x1. It is about 10% wider and 20 % longer. Of course if you are looking at them with your bare eye and not through a magnifying glass it is difficult to see the size difference. If the eye was any wider the needle would break as there would no be stability.

Attached to this E-mail is a PDF file that details the features of all the Organ Embroidery Needles, including all of the Flat Shank versions as this might be helpful to you.

I did notice a couple of things on your page of your website detailing these 15x1ST Needles. They are as follows:

On the 15x1STPD The points will last 3 times as long. The needles will still break

Organ are in chips of 10 not 5

On the last 15x1ST I think it should say "recommended size 11" not "best size 11"

I would also recommend verifying with the customer that they actually got the 15x1ST#11 as much as I hate to admit it but mistakes happen.

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