BERNINA overlocker/serger L 460 / L 450: tips and tricks, fine-tuning. This video tutorial shows you how to work the BERNINA overlocker/serger L 460's or L 450's fine-tuning options in order to achieve technically and optically perfect results. This will teach you, for example, how to create perfectly accurate seams by finely adjusting the tension or use the variable stitch length to optimally adapt the selected stitch to the fabric and thread. What is more, the video shows how you can also adjust the differential feed while sewing in order to achieve perfectly flat, wave-free seams. The BERNINA L 460 and L 450 feature innovative micro thread control (mtc) which can even be used to make fine adjustments while the machine is in operation in order to achieve professional sewing results.

BERNINA overlocker/serger L 460 / L 450: care and maintenance. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that your high-quality sewing machine works properly for many years and offers the unique sewing comfort that you expect from BERNINA. In this video tutorial, we will show you how to service the BERNINA overlocker/serger L 460 and L 450.

Please note: before beginning to clean your overlocker, switch it off and remove the plug from the mains. The needle plate is easy to remove to facilitate cleaning. Open the fabric coating plate and hook cover to gain access to the essential functional elements. After cleaning, put the machine back together. Set your BERNINA L 460 or L 450 to sew for around a minute to allow the oil to distribute evenly.

Overlocker Tool Tip Serger Anatomy. Learn more about the dials, parts and pieces that make up your BERNINA L 450 serger. This overview is helpful to get you acquainted with your serger/overlocker.

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WHAT IS DIFFERENTIAL FEED? Bernina Blog February 13, 2019, by Jaime David


  • US Warranty 5 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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icon Bernina L450 2-3-4 Overlocker Serger, MTC Micro Thread Control, Rolled Hem

icon Bernina L450 Serger. Reasons to buy the L 450 The BERNINA L 450 offers the following benefits: Sews, cuts and finishes seams in one operation for efficiency and with precision Easy and comfortable to handle even for beginners 2-3-4 thread stitch formations provide the most flexibility in selecting the perfect stitch Professional stitch quality each time Excellent rolled hemming Perfect for stretchy and woven fabrics Ruffles and gathers automatically with differential feed

icon Patented Micro Thread Control (mtc). Easy to Use - a one-step adjustment fine tunes looper stitches to fit the cut edge, Reduces test sewouts looking for the perfect stitch, Creates professional seams and perfectly finished edges,

icon Ultimate Comfort. Two bright LED lights illuminate the sewing area as well as the looper threading area, Serger tools are easily accessible in the looper cover door – and always at your fingertips, Cut-offs bin for fabrics and threads; also great for storing the foot control when not in use.

icon Precise and Flexible. Sew fast and smoothly at any speed Stitch and cut thick fabrics with ease and precision, Stitch wave-free seams in knits and pucker-free seams in fine fabrics with differential feed.

icon Easy Threading. Easy & ergonomic threading with the manual needle threader Simple lower looper threading with the lower loooper threader Thread successfully following the color-coded path and using the handwheel positioning window, Accessible & easy thread cutting on the external thread cutter.

icon Have you ever been sewing with knits and completed your seam only to notice that edge is now longer than when you started? And perhaps it has a funny waviness that wasn’t there before . . . well, you are not alone. WHAT IS DIFFERENTIAL FEED?

icon Right seam guide L 450/460. Excess seam allowance is cut-off evenly. Supports guiding the edge evenly. Precise cutting of seam allowances. Parallel guiding along lines of flatlock seams. Simplifies guiding a folded edge without cutting.

icon The seam guide facilitates the guiding of the fabric and ensures an even cut-off of excess seam allowance. The measurement tape eases correcting the setting. It also allows to guide fabric on the fold left of the knife without cutting.

New Adjusting Tool for the
L450/L450 Available
Good news, we have now received the
final adjusting tool for the L450/L460.
We have made many changes to the
different looper and overall adjustments
to increase the overall performance of
the machine, and to eliminate skipping
stitches with certain fabrics, threads and
machine sewing settings.
Please compare the gauges next to each
other and see the different measurements.

Please dispose of the original gauge #
22850 and order the new gauge # 22948,
the tension calibration reset gauge #
22844. The service manual is available
on Infogate under US-65564-5 or
click here.
It is most important that all (original
and latest machines are being adjusted
using ONLY the new final gauge
Using the original gauge for any adjustments
causes major issues with current
machines and does not resolve skipping
issues with original machines
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