In Stock! it's the laser straight stitch guide electronics and roller edge guide attachments that is the difference compared to 5100FLP at a lower price, Includes 16.5"Arm, Walking Foot Needle Feed, 12" Wheel, 1" Lift, 11mm SL, Laser &Roller Guides, Flatbed Table, LED Lamp, Needle Positioner, Motor 1HP 800W, Pedestal Stand, Thread, Needles

The 5100-SE package includes these items that are not included in 5100FLP:

  • Automatic needle position system
  • Heavy duty compound walking foot feeding mechanism
  • Sews up to 7/8" material thickness
  • 16.5" Long Cylinder Bed
  • SmartServo-NP servo motor
  • TLG laser guide
  • Swing down roller edge guide
  • Flatbed table attachment
  • Stainless steel specialty presser foot set
  • Includes assembled table and 1HP 800W SmartServo motor
  • Additional accessories (needles, bobbins, thread)

    Hello, please note due to high demand model 5100 and 5100SE are sold out and will be back in stock in approximately 3-4 weeks from 6/8/20. Any open orders will be processed and shipped as soon as possible. Back orders will be accepted. We will notify you on this page when it is back in stock. TechSew

    TechSew 5100SE has built in electronic laser straight stitch guide in front of the needle, a swing down roller edge guide attachment to the right of the foot, an automatic needle positioner motor, and a flatbed table attachment, which the 5100FLP does not have. John

    The Techsew 5100-SE is the best heavy duty leather sewing machine designed for leather goods, heavy fabrics, canvas, saddle work, harnesses, belts, holsters and more. Features a 16.5” long cylinder arm, specialty presser feet for sewing leather and include the 1HP 800W Smart Servo motor. The 5100-SE Special Edition package includes needle position motor, laser guide, flatbed attachment, swing down roller guide and more.

  • Heavy duty compound walking foot feeding mechanism
  • Sews up to 7/8" material thickness
  • 16.5" Long Cylinder Bed
  • SmartServo-NP needle position motor
  • TLG laser guide
  • Swing down roller edge guide
  • Flatbed table attachment
  • Stainless steel specialty presser foot set
  • Includes assembled table and 1HP 800W SmartServo motor

    The Techsew 5100 Special Edition is the ultimate sewing machine designed for a wide range of leather work projects. For minimum 5-6oz leather, not any less.

  • Light range leather work: Purses, handbags, pouches, wallets, notebook covers, vests
  • Medium range leather work: Belts, knife sheaths, scabbards, quivers, horse blankets
  • Heavy range leather work: Saddles, gun holsters, knife sheaths, harnesses, horse tack

    Additionally it is also great for non-leather work applications such as tie down straps, boat/car covers, orthopaedics, thick paper binding, parachute harnesses, tarps, vinyl, canvas, synthetics, heavy webbing and more.

    What makes the Techsew 5100 Special Edition so special?

    *Techsew SmartServo-NP Needle Position Motor
    The Techsew SmartServo-NP is an automatic needle positioning motor which saves you tons of time and effort while sewing. This powerful and versatile motor will automatically lift the needle at the end of a seam, or automatically leave it in the bottom position. This will eliminate the need to constantly turn your handwheel to position your needle.

    At 1HP and 800W, The SmartServo-NP will help your machine power through thick leather at any of the 16 adjustable speed settings. Additionally, a speed reducer is used in combination with the SmartServo-NP motor for added power and speed control. This system is ideal for beginner, intermediate and expert sewers as well.

    Techsew TLG Laser Guide
  • This is a first on the market. The Techsew TLG Laser Guide provides a perfectly straight laser guided line directly in front of your needle. No more grooving your leather before sewing - now you'll get a perfectly straight seam every time by sewing right along the laser guided line.

    Swing Down Roller Guide
  • Our exclusive swing down roller guide will help guide the edge of your leather to deliver perfectly straight stitches. The swing down roller guide swings up and out of the way for when you want to turn your work or sew without it.

    Flatbed Table Attachment
  • Are you sewing long or flat items? The flatbed table attachment fits directly over the cylinder arm of the machine, instantly converting it to a flatbed machine. Now your large projects won't fall or hang over the edge of the cylinder bed.

    Stainless Steel Plated Presser Feet
  • Our specialty presser feet are narrow for sewing into tight spaces and around edges. Plus they're stainless steel plated and smooth on the bottom so they won't mark up your leather. The center groover foot will set your stitches at the same level as your leather, protecting the stitches from the elements.

    TS-5 LED Stitch Light
  • The TS-5 LED Stitch Light will illuminate the sewing area, providing up to 10,000 hours of clear and bright light.


    Also included:
  • Techsew Premium Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Leather Sewing Needles
  • Thread Lubrication Pot
  • TS-28 LED Work Lamp
  • Instruction manual

  • Triple Feed - Walking Foot (needle feed + alternating presser feet + bottom feed)
  • 1" Presser foot clearance
  • Sews from 6oz all the way up to 7/8" sewing thickness
  • 16.5" Cylinder bed
  • Equipped with Techsew SmartServo-NP motor and speed reducer to sew at slow & controlled speeds - great for novice, intermediate and professional sewers
  • Reverse stitch - for reinforcing stitches
  • 12 inch heavy duty flywheel
  • Reinforced steel pedestal style table with adjustable height (sew standing up or sitting down)
  • Includes: Complete table with casters, SmartServo-NP motor, speed reducer,TS-28 LED lamp, TS-5 LED stitch light, TLG laser guide, swing down roller guide, flatbed table attachment, 3 pkgs of needles,5 bobbins, thread lube pot, left toe foot, double toe foot, center foot, smooth blanket foot set, 1 lb. (16oz) cone of thread, oiler, instruction manual, repair tools, thread clipper.
  • Stitch length adjustment up to 11mm (7/16")
  • Uses thread sizes 69 to 415
  • Uses needle sizes 18 to 27
  • Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty and FREE technical support for the life of your machine
  • Machine comes pre-threaded, oiled, adjusted and READY TO SEW

  • Needle sizes: 18 to 27
  • Thread sizes: 69 to 415
  • Presser foot clearance: 1"
  • Sewing capacity: 6oz to 7/8" thick
  • Cylinder bed length: 16.5"
  • Maximum stitch length: 11mm
  • Techsew SmartServo-NP motor: 600W, 1HP 800W, 110V, 0 to 1800RPM, 18 speed settings with bright LED display, completely silent when idle and reduced noise during operation. The most POWERFUL servo motor in the industry.

  • US Warranty 6 month manufacturer warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Techsew 5100-SE Leather Industrial Sewing Machine

Included Accessories
Techsew 5100-SE (special edition):
includes table, smartservo-np needle position motor, speed reducer, TLG laser guide, swing down roller guide, flatbed table attachment, specialty presser foot set, 3 pkgs diamond point needles, 8 bobbins, LED stitch light, instruction manual, instructional DVD, LED work lamp, 1 spool bonded nylon thread, thread lubrication pot.

Click Here for Techsew 5100 Series Parts Manual
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icon Space Saver Stand for Stand Up Operation

icon Techsew Flatbed Extension Work Table Attachment for 5100SE Included

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icon Up to 6 layers of leather stitching

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Hi John,I have been comparing machines, warranty, packages included and what needs to be purchased in addition to the machine. Come to realize the 5100SE is the best option all around. Just a few quick questions to make sure this machine will be able to sew these lighter weight items:    *  light to medium weight leather     *  Faux leather     *  canvas hats    *  medium to heavy DenimYes it would be fine for all these but the minimum sewing thickness would be 2mm or a single layer of 5oz leather. It is not recommended for very thin materials or very soft leather. When a lighter weight item is sewn, do you suggest a stabilizer be used under the item?Perhaps but again if the material is too thin the results may not be suitable. I am not familiar with leather in terms of ounces.Here is a leather oz/ thickness chart:  Are there other types of needles to use besides the 18 -27?The machine uses needle sizes 18 through 27 and is commonly used in the mid range with size 22 to 25.Here is some more information on needles sizes:  I don't know what the needle sizes look like? The machine can only handle these size thread?  69 – 415Yes but we recommend using minimum size 92 or 138 What is the weight of the machine?Total weight of the complete sewing machine unit including table and motor is approximately 350 lbs. The dimensions are approximately 46x21x55". I sent you a picture of what I do.Sew the patches onto the vests.Many times I open the hem up to sew the ones at the pockets and at the back.  Then it is hard for my machine to sew the hem back together.  I have the Husqvarna Viking Epic 2 and the 980Q machines.  I don't want to mess up the embroidery mechanisms.The machine is suitable for sewing the patches per your photos.