Clear Mineral Oil Based Stainless Non Detergent Oil for Industrial Sewing Machines and Serger Oiler Refill, also Auto Oil Bath Lubrication Reservoirs in Oil Pan Under the Machine Head.

  • Dyno Lily White (ISO-22) low viscosity crystal clear oil is a highly refined consistent viscosity and non-detergent mineral oil.
  • Ideal for sewing and extile machinery and parts. Specially formulated for use in high speed sewing machines.
  • Colorless and stainless, Dyno Lily White oil inhibits rust and controls oxidation
  • Excellent for use in applications where the oil may come into contact with the fabric.

    Ships by Ground or ocean transport only. Considered Hazardous to ship by air.

    SEW - LUBE OIL, Lily White Machine Oil #SO, Made in U.S.A.
    Low viscosity, water white lubricating oil for sewing machines, textile machinery and parts. Excellent for use in applications where oil may come in contact with fabrics.

    Contains: Hydrotreated Paraffinic Oil (CAS No. 72623-86-0)

    Caution: Consult Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to use. Use in strict accordance with all information contained on MSDS.

    Hazard Rating: Health - O (Insignificant) Fire - 1 (Slight), Reactivity 0, (Insignificant)

    For Chemical Emergency: Spill, Leak, Fire Exposute or Accident - Call CHEMTREC - Day or Night 1 800-424-9300 or 202-483-7616.

    Dyno Chemicals and Lubricants
How To Add Oil To An Industrial Sewing Machine
Using the Reliable 3300SD single-needle sewing machine with direct drive, our technical manager here at Reliable will show you how to oil your industrial sewing machine and ensure it stays properly lubricated.
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icon Superior SO5Gal SewLube Sewing Machine Oil 5 Gallon: Reservoir Pans

icon Superior SO5Gal SewLube Sewing Machine Oil 5 Gallon: Reservoir Pans