Hundreds of Exciting Colors!
For 40 weight 120/2 denier thread 1000 meter spools.

Exquisite 1000 meter Embroidery Thread comes on a convenient snap spool and offers all the great characteristics of a polyester thread. It’s durable, has a high sheen, and is ideal for general purpose embroidery. It’s almost twice as strong as rayon, which means it runs longer without thread breaks or unraveling, while providing just the right amount of elasticity to minimize looping and puckering.

While every attempt is made to reproduce thread colors accurately, colors on your monitor may not
precisely match actual thread colors. An actual thread chart may be ordered on this page

The Exquisite Embroidery Thread Color Chart card has the embroidery thread color and corrisponding number for that color.

Sew with ease -- The Exquisite Color Card embroidery thread color chart displays swatches of all colors of our Exquisite brand thread for fast and easy comparisons. The color card makes all of the world’s hues and shades at the tip of your needle with full swatches of primary and secondary colors. Use it as a quick reference for your business or keep it on hand at home. The Exquisite brand thread swatches shown in the color card are available for you to order conveniently through our website. Your designs will make leaps and bounds when planned with the Exquisite Color Card in mind.

Polyester embroidery thread that provides the same brilliant sheen as rayon. Colorfast thread that withstands fading from ultraviolet light and industrial laundering. A 40 weight, 120/2 denier thread, Exquisite Thread is available in 200+ colors on 1,000 and 5,000 meter cones.

We have made our best attempt to reproduce the color of our threads here, but due to variations in browsers, monitors, resolution, etc., the color may vary from the actual thread. We highly recommend purchasing a ColorCard for actual colors.
The Exquisite brand polyester embroidery thread provides the same brilliant sheen as rayon. The Exquisite poly threads are colorfast and withstand fading from ultraviolet rays and damage from industrial laundering. Exquisite threads are made from high quality raw materials, free from carcinogens and banned AZO dyestuffs. Our thread is knotless, resulting in improved production efficiency.

Made from bright, high tenacity polyester trilobal filament
High tensile strength
Brilliant sheen
High color fastness to chlorine and soda
Coated with special chemicals to make the thread smoother
Suitable for high speed computerized embroidery machines
40 weight, 120/2 denier thread
1,000 (1,100 yards)
Easy snap spool on 1,000 meter spools
Technical Standards of Exquisite by DIME Thread
Dry Broken Tenacity (cNidt x): > 3.4
Wet Broken Tenacity (cNidt x): > 3.4
Dry Broken Elongation (%): > 15 - 25
Yarn Density Deviation: > +5
Variation of Twist: > +3
Oil Content (%): 0.3 - 0.5
Moisture Regain (%): 2 - 6
Washing 40 Degrees Celcius: 4 - 5
Water: 4 - 5
Acid Persitation: 4
Alkali Perspiration: 4
Light: 4 - 5
Dry Friction: 4 - 5
Wet Friction: 4 - 5
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