Optional Alphasew P60013 AAA 3/16" Round Leather Belt TB1, 72" Long with Staple for Shortening.
For Sewing Machines in Treadle Cabinets with Manual Rocking Foot Pedal and Wheel.

*Note. The gap between two pins to hold a machine onto a flatbed cabinet or carrying case is 9 9/16" inches or 24.3cm from center of left hinge pin hole to center of right hinge pin hole.

Gemsy Sewing Cabinets must be shipped by Freight Truck on a 48x48" Wood Pallet to avoid damage. They cannot be shipped regular Ground or they will get damaged. Ships Ground Freight only.

Note: This is not the best quality treadle cabinet but the only one that is available in the USA that is new on the market today. Interior of drawers look unfinished, unpainted edges are not sanded. Underside of table is not stained. See customer Comments and Reviews on this page.

  • US Warranty 90 days adjustments or 30 days replacement on materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Other Images

icon Gemsy Treadle Cabinet with Optional Sewing Machine Head.

icon Gemsy Treadle Stand

icon Gemsy Jiasew Cabinet dimensions

icon packed in 4 boxes with ground shipping protection inside

icon As original export packing of table stand for the JA2-1 machines is 4 sets in 3 boxes as attached photos, so if customer can order 16 sets, than we can ship it in 2 pallets without open any boxes to take out one set of table stand and keep the items inside the box not be damaged during the shipping, and save some freight charge by not lose shipping space. The photo show the 7 boxes are 4 sets machines. Each pallet can pack 8 sets machines with 14 boxes, total gross weight about 650 lbs including the weight of pallet, dimension 46x35x40 inch including the height of pallet. Gemsy.

icon Assembly 1

icon Assembly 2

icon Assembly 3

icon Assembly #4

icon Assembly 5

icon Assembly 6

icon Assembly 7

icon Assembly 8

icon Assembly 9

icon Assembly 10

icon Assembly 11

icon Assembly 12

How do I assemble the cabinet, stand and machine?
Jeanann, it is best to start with the cabinet top upside down on the floor to attach the drawer units to the bottom of the table top. Then hold the stand side panels apart (may take two people) in order to attach the foot pedal and flywheel assemblies in between Then attach the assembled stand to the table top before turning right side up. Then install your Janome 712T onto the cabinet hinges and hook up the belt to the machine hand wheel and stand flywheel. Please email or call me when you need help on the next step. John Douthat, Owner & Tech, AllBrands
Merril M, Shelley ID
The treadle cabinet components were broken in multiple places, the packaging was the worst that I have ever received from a commercial operation. Customer service was okay for the return, but I have heard nothing further about the replacement cabinet. I would like a call to discuss this situation, my number is 208-810-5492