Click here for Plug In Laser Stylus that is used on Qnique 15R, 15M, Q19, Q21 longer arm quilting machines. Battery powered laser stylus is primarily for domestic home sewing machines that do not have the plug in receptacle on the machine.

The Grace Company is excited to announce the new Gracie Laser, a quilters' laser stylus.

The easy-to-follow Gracie Laser allows quilters to perfect their favorite designs and patterns on their heirloom quilts.

The Gracie Laser attaches with a universal swivel mount on the upper frame, that can be positioned at any angle. This allows quilters to follow patterns on fabric or work surface.

Pattern tracing is easier than ever before with the Gracie Laser. This is compatible with current Grace frame carriage handles.

This laser is NOT compatible with Q'nique quilting machines. For a Q'nique compatible laser, please see our Q'nique laser stylus.

Product Features:
  • Attaches to the front OR back of your frame’s carriage!
  • Locking swivel to position the stylus at any angle
  • Fully adjustable swivel
  • Battery powered
  • No cords to get in the way!
  • Comes with four different laser tips to control the size of your laser.

  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Please click here for assembly instructions (.pdf)

Laser Light can follow patterns on a roll or the fabric designs of an existing fabric quilt. Universal swivel mount can be positioned at any angle on the machine or frame.

The Gracie Laser is the latest in a line of quality accessories to enhance your quilting experience.

  • No cords to hang you up
  • Position the stylus at any angle with the universal swivel mount
  • Easily compatible with your quilting frame
  • Follow patterns on work or fabric surface
  • Extended hours of use (runs on two AA batteries).
  • Comes with 1mm, 1.5mm 2mm, 2.5mm size tips to give you a variety of point sizes.
  • Attaches to the front OR back of your frames carriage
  • Locking swivel to position the stylus at any angle

Other Images

icon Showing laser light mounted at rear of machine to follow patterns on table.

icon Laser Stylus can be attached to front or rear handles on either side of your machine.

icon The Gracie Laser can easily be attached to the front or back of your frame’s carriage and is battery powered so you won't have cords getting in the way! It is fully adjustable and even has the capability of swivel movement. It comes with four different laser tips to control the size of your tracing laser.

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Got my replacement end pieces and all is good. Have sewn two small lap quilts on it and I absolutely love both the frame and the machine from Grace...thanks so much for all your kind help!

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Good product and well written instructions.

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The laser works fine. We did have to rig up a system to attach it to my machine, but with a little piece of wood and some ingenuity, my laser is now very usable. Thanks

Carolyn, Nevada
I ordered a laser light for a GMQ Pro frame. It came with no instructions for assembly or attaching it to my frame. This was extremely disappointing. Other than that I was satisfied with your service. I was able to contact the Grace Co. and they e-mailed a link to the proper instructions.

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