The XP Playbook Version 2 has been developed as a companion to the Luminaire to help you make the most of this extraordinary machine. It includes step-by-step lessons to learn your machine as well as independent lessons allowing you to learn and stitch a specific technique on your own time. The XP2 Playbook is a compilation of step-by-step projects designed to help you learn the features and show you creative ways to use them.

The included USB flash drive contains short videos to accompany the lessons and is meant to be viewed on your computer or directly on your Luminaire. The exercises are independent, so you do not have to complete them in order. Feel free to learn at your own pace.

There are included project files on the USB with instructions to complete projects you see in the XP2 playbook as a bonus.
  • Companion to the Luminaire XP1 and Luminaire XP2
  • Step-by-step lessons to learn your machine
  • Included USB with videos
  • Included bonus projects on the USB
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