Snap Spools Package SUL885-03 for Embroidery Machines, A beautiful & convenient way of organizing 101 of the most popular Sulky 40wt. 180yd. Rayon colors! This Embroiderer's Dream Assortment holds small Sulky snap-end spools and weighs only 4lbs when filled. You may easily remove spools whether the unit is free-standing or partially opened & hung on a wall! Spools don't fall out! Full thread collections are organized and labeled by color family, ready for your next project! Comes fully loaded with 104 popular colors. Measures 2" deep; 13"x13" when closed.

  • Dimensions are 15''L x 13 1/2'' W x 3''D
  • Has 104 of the most used Sulky 40 weight rayon colors (pictured left).
  • Fills the box.
  • 180 yards per spool on all sulky thread kits
Sulky Slimline Dream Thread Collections
Sulky Slimline Dream Thread Collections offer a beautiful assortment of colors and thread types for you to add to your collection. Our Original Slimline Box holds up to 104 of our small snap-end spools, and our Universal Slimline Box holds up to 64 of both our large and snap-end spools. Sulky Slimline Storage Boxes offer a convenient way to store your thread (and can even be hung up on a wall!). Each spool has its own exclusive, patented lifting tab, making it easy to take your thread in and out. All spools are clearly visible and easily accessible, and won't fall out! The best part? You save BIG by purchasing a collection versus buying individually!
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icon Sulky 885-03 Embroiderers Dream

icon 104x180Yd 40Wt Rayon Embroidery Thread